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Necronomicon 2021

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Exciting news, my hungry little shape-shifters! This August marks 125 years since the Old Gent from Providence was born, and the biggest Lovecraft-theme Con is happening from August 20-23. If you can’t make it to the event (or, heck, even if you can) you will be able to read my blogs and live tweeting from NecronomiCon Providence all during the convention, because will be there.

Below is the official press release (you must check out their website) and after the jump, their amazing poster for the event. Stay tuned to, where all the most eldritch monsters come to play!

NecronomiCon Providence to Commemorate 125th Birthday of H.P. Lovecraft August 20-23, 2015

PROVIDENCE, RI (July 20, 2015) – The countdown is on and passes are selling fast for NecronomiCon Providence 2015! The world’s foremost celebration of author H.P. Lovecraft and the many writers and artists he inspired returns August 20-23 to the Biltmore and Omni hotels in downtown Providence, Rhode Island. With Lovecraft’s hometown of Providence as a backdrop, this four-day event will serve as a tribute to his influential writing, as well as the city’s celebrated culture and history. This year’s convention coincides with the 125th anniversary of Lovecraft’s birth in 1890, and organizers are busy coordinating citywide festivities to commemorate the grand occasion.

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YES!!! I shall be a guest author at NecronomiCon Providence 2015!

Hi. May I just say one quick thing?


Ahem. Thank you. To discover the source of my excitement, please check out the screenshot of the NecronomiCon “Guests” Web page. A subtle arrow has been added to direct you (you’re welcome). Continue reading »

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Will I be “Riding the Dog” to NecronomiCon?

Although the concepts are related, there is a wide gulf between embarrassment and shame. Embarrassment is when you are seen getting stuck outside your hotel room stark naked. Shame is when you are seen getting stuck outside your hotel room totally starkers except for a condom and a Hitler mask.

hitler baby

At least you were using protection.

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Necronomicon in the news

The Necronomicon was in the news recently, it appears some looney’s thought it was a real book again and were doing the whole sacrifice to satan thing again.  The funny thing is that kills me, is that so many people believe its real.  It almost reminds me of a virus hoax e-mail.

The actual article
The Dan Clore Necronomicon
The HP Lovecraft Assiociation’s Page
The Necronomicon Files
Simon’s Necronomicon part 1
Simon’s Necronomicon part 2 Continue reading »

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Vestals of Ii-Ha

A tall female humanoid figure, wearing a long tunic. The tunic is decorated in arcane symbols in rows running up and down the length of the garment. She has four arms, two on each side. Each arm has multiple joints, segmented like an insect. From under the bottom of the tunic peek the ends of multiple insect-like legs. On their head they wear a veil that terminates just below the eyes, obscuring them. Under the veil, the face is dried and withered, the nose and lips missing, teeth exposed and gritted in a sinister grin.

It was something of a female figure, taller than any human, moving among the seeming infinite shelves of books. A finger traced the spines of the collected volumes, at the end of a misformed arm, segmented like that of an insect. A priest’s vestments hung from the being’s body. Across the gown were sigils I could not comprehend. Yet something inside of me roiled when I saw them. The creature floated as it moved. Sharp, thin feet, dozens of them, kicked from under the hem of the gown. I must have made some sort of noise. It turned toward me, a hiss coming from its skeletal face. It lifted a veil covering its eyes. The empty sockets began to glow. 

Alternative names: Canonesses of the True Face, Sisters of the Throne. 

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An immense, thin humanoid being slightly bent at the waist. It is nude and sexless. Its flesh appears to be made of bone. Two arms hang by its sides; there are no elbows on the arms, nothing connecting the wrist to the rest of the arm or the hands to the wrists. Palms face the viewer. From its back spread eight other arms, four on each side, extending like wings, each disjointed like the arms at its side. Its face is featureless save six narrow eyes, arraigned in two even, verticle rows. Atop its head is a crown-like flame.

It hurt the eyes just to look at the being. The air around it shimmered, like pavement on a hot summer day. There was no radiation, the scientists in charge assured us. The effect was due to thex being’s strange composition, they said. It was just a guess, though. They’d never been able to get a tissue sample. The colossal creature seemed to be made entirely of bone or something like it. Whatever it was, it’d proved too hard for the government’s tools to even chip. Immense chains binding it gave the illusion of security. No doubt if it awoke it would easily shrug them away. Even as it slept, it felt as though the being was reaching inside of our minds, weighing our sins, judging our worthiness. 

Alternative names: Angels, Cleansers of the Earth, Fires of the Elder Gods. 

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New Release! Miskatonic University: Elder Gods 101

Book Cover - 5 college age kids running. Green background with a faded image of a collegiate facility behind them. The title, Miskatonic University: Elder Gods 101 is in purple.
Miskatonic University: Elder Gods 101

Last year, my brother finally said to me, “Hey Matt, what’s the deal with all that Lovecraft stuff?” So, I sent him every story I had and he read them all. He became a man possessed and it was awesome. Suddenly, he had story ideas. He was writing up plots and sending them to me. Weird Fiction was his weapon, and he was slaying me with ideas.

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image is of a fair skinned man falling into a bottomless hole

Alternative names: Hungry Mouths, Silent Assassins, Haq’yiq

It ate him! The ground ate him! It opened up right under him and he fell in! I can still hear him! Help! Somebody please help us!

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Check Your Shoggoth’s Expiration Date (or What to do When your Shoggoth Goes Bad)

Shoggoth’s don’t live forever, you know. They are built specifically for tasks that have timebombs programmed into them, meaning: every shoggoth has an expiration date, and if you thought they they were bad to be around on a normal day, I promise you, you don’t want to be there when they expire.

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