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Tentacles Ahoy!

I don’t want to shill for Disney but I did notice the second “Pirates of the Caribbean” movie – the sequel to the movie that brought us zombie pirate monkeys – has a lot of tentacles for a pirate movie. Check out this squidface, for instance: Disney Website link.

There is a giant tentacle attacking a pirate ship on the poster – a repeat of 20,000 Leagues’ giant squid battle, done with CGI this time? Continue reading »

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Lost Pages of the Octobernomicon 3/7: Richard Laymon’s Amara

Amara, Unique Mummy

“In the bright beam of his flashlight, he saw more than he wanted to: arms and legs like sticks, bulging points, red hair falling in glossy swatches; a gaunt and eyeless face…its mouth opened wide…those godawful white teeth…framed my black, dead lips. The creature attacked, arms reaching out…eyes twin pits of darkness.” — Richard Laymon, To Wake the Dead
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Lost Pages of the Octobernomicon 2/7: Horror of the Heights

Horror of the Heights, Greater Independent Race

“The whole aspect of this monster was formidable and threatening, and it kept changing its colour from a very light mauve to a dark, angry purple so thick that it cast a shadow…On the upper curve of its huge body there were three great projections which I can only describe as enormous bubbles, and I was convinced as I looked at them that they were charged with some extremely light gas which served to buoy up the misshapen and semi-solid mass in the rarefied air…their method of progression–done so swiftly that it was not easy to follow–was to throw out a long, glutinous streamer in front of it, which in turn seemed to draw forward the rest of the writhing body. So elastic and gelatinous was it that never for two successive minutes was it the same shape, and yet each change made it more threatening and loathsome than the last…The vague, goggling eyes which were turned always upon me were cold and merciless in their viscid hatred..” — Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, The Horror of the Heights
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Lost Pages of the Octobernomicon 1/7: Xo Tl’mi-go

Xo Tl’mi-go, Greater Independent Race

“…there was something in the opening…something watching intently, its face pressed up against the metal grating, its pale hands clinging tightly to the bars. I saw…the empty craters where its eyes had been — empty but for the red dots, like tiny beads — and the gaping red ring of its mouth, like the sucker of some undersea creature. The face was alien and cold, without human expression, yet I swear those eyes regarded me with utter malevolence — and that they recgonized me.”
— T.E.D. Klein, Children of the Kingdom
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Bruce is Back! 6/6/6

The Bruce Report returns for a special Day of the Beast Edition… Continue reading »

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