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The Reunion

“She was fearless and crazier than him. She was his queen, and God help anyone who dared to disrespect his queen.”
–Amanda Lawler from the film “Suicide Squad” 2016. Romanticizing and normalizing an oft-potentially fatal abusive relationship of codependence and Stockholm syndrome

TRIGGER WARNING: This scenario deals with matters of abuse, psychological predation and has no happy ending. No matter what, the PC’s cannot save the day, stop the madness or have any sort of victory, even pyrrhic. They are merely unknowingly hopping on the merry-go-round in hell for a few spins and hopping off, left to deal with what they have seen. Not all stories have a happy ending, and not all are about you. The players will be creeping into a very personal and eternal hell for a couple. Some people are just damned, and still others don’t even deserve their damnation. This is one of those cases. Continue reading »

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Keeper, please ignore the “Income” section on the back of the character sheets. Assume they have the funds to cover ordinary expenses.

A weapons PDF is included, as the Investigators will no doubt want some. Allow them to buy anything legal and reasonable, and possibly some dynamite of course.

The scenes in this scenario are not necessarily in order. They occur as per Investigator actions.

As with all scenarios, please read this two or three times before running it in order to familiarize yourself with it. Continue reading »

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New Kickstarter for Cthulhu Now Adventures

Hi all, Stygian Fox have just launched our first kickstarter for our first paid-for product!

The Things We Leave Behind is a modern day scenario anthology for Call of Cthulhu focussing on the madness and evil within mankind. Please take a look and support us!

It has a dark focus and has scenarios written by Jeff Moeller, Scott Dorward, Brian M. Sammons, and Si Brake. There is also art by Davide Como and maps by myself, Stephanie McAlea.

We at Stygian Fox are proud of our little twisted, tentacular baby so please take a look and support us!

The Things We Leave Behind Kickstarter

Stygian Fox is a licensee of Chaosium Inc and it’s I.P. is used with permission.

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Post Mortem

POST MORTEM, a one-round scenario
There is very little text to this scenario. The scene is set, there is a little scripted action at the beginning and at the very end, and the rest is virtually all character interaction.

Due to the nature of character backgrounds, it is imperative that the players read their character’s backgrounds silently and not share the details. Continue reading »

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Brown Jenkins

Brown Jenkin by John Donald CarlucciBrown Jenkins is intended to be a serial, with each episode accompanied by music to be played while the story is read.

Each episode will consist of a short story or vignette in tune with the major theme. The episodes will post every Sunday night until the tale is complete.

Once all is said and done, a book/cd package will be put together,with a few extra goodies. The cover will feature the artwork at left, by John Donald Carlucci.

Ready? Here we go—

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Worldwide Adventure Writing Month

The boys over at are running a world-wide adventure month. They have this to say:

June is Worldwide Adventure Writing Month.
Join us in expanding the number of free, downloadable adventures for tabletop roleplaying games!
The goal is to write a complete 32+ page adventure module by June 30th, 2007.
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The Golden Locket, the Auburn Hair, and the Bones

This is a Christmas story. That said, it is not a story about Santa, or the Christ child, or Scrooge. It’s my Christmas story.

I am not a person given to a lot of nostalgia. I think I should make that clear from the beginning. I had left my old life behind me some years before to pursue the family business, and that had left no place in my life for Sandra. I knew she would not approve of my new lifestyle, so I never bothered to explain to her what had happened. She was ever a practical person, so I was sure she would mourn for a time, find someone new, and move on with her life. When I saw the golden locket around the neck of my latest subject, however, it reminded me of her. She had always worn such a locket, and, although this elderly woman was not her, it made me think, for the first time in ten years, about my Sandy. In a fit of nostalgia, I took the locket from her, knowing she would not miss it. Continue reading »

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I Live! Plus, a Dagon Review!

Hi all! After an accidental six-month hiatus from Shoggoth, I am back to fill you full of tentacly goodness. To mark my return, I present you with my thoughts on Dagon.

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I of the Storm

It’s been looking back at me for hours. I can smell its fetid breath now as it draws ever nearer, hear its grumbling and moaning as if it were in the next room.

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Once I gloried in the smell of old books, their crumbling, mildew-stained pages reminding me of the ancient and forgotten mysteries I beheld nightly within their covers. But no longer, for it was my fate to survive the most primal of terrors, and to find myself beyond the shroud of ordinary existence for a while…a destiny I shall relate in this account.
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