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The Alp

A cruel elf sitting on the chest of a woman, it is nude save for a strange triangle shaped hat it is wearing

Alpe, Alpen, Drudge, Mara
alp, or also little alp,
you shall remain no longer 
alp’s sister and father,
you shall go out over the gate;
alp’s mother, trute and mare,
you shall go out to the roof-ridge!
Let the mare not oppress me,
let the trute not pinch me,
let the mare not ride me,
let the mare not mount me!
alp with your crooked nose,
I forbid you to blow on

—Münchener Nachtsegen, a prayer to be said at night.
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OctoberNomicon Is here.

OctoberNomicon logo

OctoberNomicon 2022 is upon us! Submissions are still open!

As many of you know, every October we do 31 days of new RPG monsters for Cthulhu Roleplaying. Well, it’s time to ask for submissions again!! Do you have a beastie in your crawl that you want to get out? Are you feeling especially plucky and want to write a full scenario? Are you a fiction writer and have a terrifying tale for us? Are you an artist willing to trade your creation in exchange for early (SECRET DO NOT SHARE) access to this year’s submissions? Reach out today at [email protected]

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Cthulhu Eternal in the Bundle of Holding

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Cthulhu Awakens on Kickstarter

Cthulhu Awakens Roleplaying Game

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More 2022 madness!

Why not take this opportunity to warn you about… Fiction Fridays!! Every friday new fiction will be posted here on This year is looking up! As always feel free to submit any Cthulhu Mythos creations to [email protected]

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2022 Plans and pardon our dust!

With the start of the new year, we’re going to try to do our damnedest to get more content out for you! As such, we’re starting Monstrous Mondays and Fiction Fridays. Admittedly Monstrous Mondays has gotten off to a rough start with the creature dropping on Tuesday and not getting art until Wednesday, but I believe The Hallowed makes a great first impression for the rest of the year! As always, feel free to send us your creatures, your fiction, your scenarios, your reviews and all your creative endeavors to [email protected]!

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APT (Advanced Persistent Threat) BotNet

Nyarlathotep… the crawling chaos… I am the last… I will tell the audient void….

— screamed by a Security researcher as he plummeted off the roof of the datacenter cackling
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Bundle of Tentacles

Tentacles 6
Tentacles 6
Tentacles 6 The sixth offer of Cthulhu Mythos tabletop roleplaying game ebooks, TENTACLES 6

This year it contains:


  • Apocthulhu
  • Bayt al Azif issues 1-2
  • Convicts & Cthulhu



  • Tiny Cthulhu
  • Hideous Creatures
  • Apocthulhu: Terrible New Worlds
  • Tiny Cthulhu: Sister of Yhanith’lei


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A fellow cultist in need

Long time friend of the site, all around awesome person and owner of the multiple ENNIE award winning publisher Stygian Fox needs our help. In the current climate in the UK, Stephanie McAlea has been unable to get the surgeries she needs. In a very American sort of way, she has resorted to setting up a GoFundMe to help finance her surgery. We ask you today to look into your heart & your pocket books and see if you don’t have anything to spare to help her get some solace and peace as she goes through a very difficult time.

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Suburban Zombies

Suburban Zombies

Eternal Cubicle Denizens

I’ve got a review next week if Mohinder finally comes in.  Quarterly reports due in two weeks but I think we’ve synergized with logistics. *harsh cough followed by weeze* So we should be 5×5 for the stockholders meeting before earnings call

—According to the nameplate on the desk Jeff Carter, Regional Manager, spoke whilst experiencing cardiac arrest and dying whilst talking.
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