Homeless Spirit, The wandering Soul, The Never Born

This Spirt is a wandering Demon or perhaps a lesser god. It feeds off of fear and delights in torment and pain. Be cruel in its psychological attacks and horrific in its physical attacks. It will make an attack scene as gruesome as possible. This is a sanity killing opponent, use it in this way. It is happy to leave madness instead of death, but needs fresh corpses.

This entity purposely tricks grieving families into thinking it is the soul of their lost loved one. It will haunt the target and push them to committing greater and greater evils. It will degrade and disgrace. Leading them to create undead for its use and finally giving it flesh to roam the Earth. It likes to push their target to practice long before attempting to bring back the loved one. It does this to have several decay resistant bodies in the other zombies as well as to break the minds of their victims when it reveals itself in the body of their loved one.

Homeless Spirit possessing a Zombie, Torture entity from the beyond gallivanting in a used meat suit.

Char.  Averages rolls

STR    80        3d6x7.5

CON   80        3d6x7.5

SIZ     65        2d6+6×5

DEX   35        2d6

INT        90    (The same in any body)

POW     75    (The same in any body)

HP  39

Av. Damage Bonus: 1d4

Average Build: 1

Starting Magic Points: 10(vary as needed)

Move 8


Attacks per round: 1 

Fighting (30%) 15/6, Damage 1d3 or by weapon +1d4

Dodge 35% (18/ 7)  

Armor: Major wound result in lost limb, minimum damage by weapon. 

Skills: Listen 40%, Track 50%, Speak eerily personal barbs 50%


 *Psychic Syphon: Once per 10 mins The Homeless Spirit can use telekinesis to unnerve a person and absorb their sanity loss as magic points.

 To do this the Spirit must win a Pow vs Pow check. 

  • A regular success:       0/1d2 San Whispers and moving shadows
  • A Hard success:          0/1d4 Radio turns on/off, Moving dolls to stare at player, Etc
  • An Extreme success:   1/1d4+1 Message written in blood, Pool of blood turns into silently screaming face, Etc

*Possess Corpse: 10 magic points and 10 rounds.

The Spirit can inhabit any human corpse that has not been animated before in immediate proximity. The Spirit is in this corpse until it is destroyed or it is exorcised. After being exorcised the Spirit is free to wander and find a new corpse.

*Possess Zombie: 5 magic points and 5 rounds.

The spirit can possess a currently animated Zombie in immediate proximity. Destroyed Zombies or previously animated corpse cannot be possessed.

Defeat: This Creature can only be defeated by capturing it in an item, by a spell, or trapping it away while in a mobile corpse too far away from a new corpse to jump.

Sanity Loss: 0/1D8 to encounter to see the zombie. 

The Homeless Spirit has seeded an emergency plan into the world. In 1453 it found a grieving Serbian witch. She was desperate to raise her dead husband. She wrote her research down in the Duhovni Nacin (The spirit way), a black bound folio with a gilt title and 312 velum pages. She began knowing an efficient embalming process that kept her husband “fresh”. Later she uncovered the Grey binding to allow her to raise a zombie. This produced a wild thing and she dare not use her husband in the process. The Homeless Spirit found her in a graveyard as both looked for a fresh corpse. It possessed the zombie and pretended to be her husband claiming knowledge from beyond. At this point in the book she took down dictation from the creature For the Graveyard Kiss as well as the Call The Homeless Spirit Home spell. The later forces the Spirit from anywhere on Earth to come from wherever it might be. Having spent 400 years locked away by Romans it wanted a faster way loose in case it was captured again. After finishing her book it tortured her to madness.

This tome was purchased by the Heath and Moore publishing house out of London. In 1812 they published The Spirit Road based on a bad translation from Serbian to English. This slim 134 page brown cloth bound monogram had a limited run of marginal success.

When Heath and Moore went bankrupt in 1929 their holdings were bought by the Imprenta Imran Corredor out of Madrid. Calling for a new translation from the original Serbian, they printed the El Camino Del Espiritu in 1930 as a black folio of 186 pages with a red cloth hard cover. The Spanish market did not respond well and few were sold.

Duhovni Nacin:  Serbian 2d4 San  Occult+5/+10 18 weeks   

 Spells: Embalm, Grey binding, Graveyard Kiss, Call the homeless spirit home.

The Spirit Road: English 1d4 San  Occult+2/+5 18 weeks

Spells: Grey binding, Call the homeless spirit home

El Camino Del Espiritu: Spanish 2d4 Occult +5/+10 18 weeks 

Spells: Embalm, Grey binding, Graveyard Kiss, Call the homeless spirit home.

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