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Bread of Heaven

As our kickstarter continues, we had an extra scenario come up that couldn’t make it’s way into the book. In normal form, we are opting to share this scenario with you dear readers! There is still time to back Terrors of the OctoberNomicon! Consider this scenario a free preview of what’s awaiting you in the finished book. That said, we bring you… Bread of heaven!

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Worldwide Adventure Writing Month

The boys over at are running a world-wide adventure month. They have this to say:

June is Worldwide Adventure Writing Month.
Join us in expanding the number of free, downloadable adventures for tabletop roleplaying games!
The goal is to write a complete 32+ page adventure module by June 30th, 2007.
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1920s Mappage

Got this link from Steve Jackson Games’ Daily Illumniator. It’s a collection of city maps from the 1920s.

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And a ghoul hiding under the tree!

Editor’s Note: Sorry for the delay! AT&T @Home decided to do their server migration this weekend, and I spent hours working on getting my Internet working again so I could post this.

Richard Upton Pickman demonstrated the relative ease with which a human can devolve into the homovoric depths of ghouldom. However, what if a human, once descended to that bestial plane, decides that it wants to recapture his humanity.

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