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Stephen King interviewed on Salon

Stephen King, author extraordinaire, interviewed with on 09-98 regarding his book, Bag of Bones, which was pointed out to me recently.  Of course in the interview, the old gent came up.  He, in all of his trailer park eloquence, described Lovecraft’s work as something best read by 13 to 15 year olds and is basically composed of gigantic disembodied vaginas.   Albeit very true that whilst in that age, I was very much interested in vaginas, I hardly found Lovecraft a source for blatant pornography.  NOW KING on the other hand, was always good for a pointless 300 pages describing in detail a character with some overly perverse obsession with some bizarre fetish that has really nothing to do with the story besides of course, securing the MA rating on his books. Continue reading »

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Chaosium Product Updates!!


The 20th Anniversary Edition is (still) coming!

Our greatly anticipated 20th Anniversary Edition of Call of Cthulhu (Cha 2399
$79.95)has taken much longer to print & bind than we were led to believe.
Despite all the delays, we expect to ship this book the first week of October.
As soon as we receive them, we’ll start shipping them out to everyone who has
placed orders. Go reserve a copy at your local game shop this weekend! For more
info check out: Continue reading »

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I just received this in my inbox. I will speak for her from experience that she does some
GREAT mythos work as well as the listed.  That said;

 greetings folks,just want to take a short moment of

your time to post this reguarding the NY/pentagon
disaster.being this is a very tragic incident.i have
decided to contribute to the red cross by doing a
charity custom commission auction.this is an anything
goes for art auction.from fantasy,to horror,to
anime,whatever you would like,i will draw it!(except
pornographic and copyrighted material) please if you
can pass this on:


~ Nikki Morris

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In a show of mourning for the victims and families of the recent terrorist attacks against the US, The Shoggoth Network has replaced thier main page with one of mourning. In it you will find an article originally posted in 1973 by Canadian radio broadcaster Gordon Sinclair. You can read the full story on it HERE. In the meantime, we extend our condolences and best wishes to everyone.

Thank you,
Matt ‘TrollBoy’ Wiseman
Webmaster; The Shoggoth Network

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