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I Live! Plus, a Dagon Review!

Hi all! After an accidental six-month hiatus from Shoggoth, I am back to fill you full of tentacly goodness. To mark my return, I present you with my thoughts on Dagon.

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Well, oh loyal readers, your loyal webmaster, the smooth
pimp of love Trollboy, will be going to origins in less
than 2 weeks. I will be roaming around the con sometimes,
hanging out in the Chaosium Booth with Charlie Krank and
infamous Dustin, running games for GAMA, or checking out
Columbus. So look for me at origins or at the local
Columbus hotspots, such as the zoo, my grandmothers, or
the local goth clubs, etc.

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The R’lyeh Report – June 2002

Origins GM’s

We need GM’s to
cover six Arkham Horror events at Origins, July 4th – 7th.
We’ll supply a copy of the game for your use, and mail you
a copy of the rulebook so you can familiarize yourself
with the game before the show. Volunteering gets you
invited to our Origins staff Death By Pizza Bash, and gets
you some CHAOSIUM SWAG at the end of the show. If you’re
planning to attend, and have some time to spare, drop us a
line! [email protected]


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