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The Angel’s Glow

A single session, 1920s micro-scenario. Suitable for 1 or more investigators.

Pigs have unearthed bodies at Shiloh National Military Park—oddly well-preserved bodies. Farmers from nearby Savannah, TN, have petitioned the War Department to relocate the dead. 

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Delta Green // Moment of Impact

// Delta Green: Moment of Impact

For decades, for seemingly no other reason than dumb chance, one intersection in the projects of Atlanta, Georgia, Barber, and Lewiston,  has earned the infamous title as one of the most dangerous intersections in the United States of America. No one is able to understand why.

The intersection is in Lithgow Heights, an area of the Georgia “projects”, home to thousands of african-Americans who were clumsily shuffled into low-income housing by white realtors eager to keep “non-whites” out of “white neighborhoods”. It is, by all appearances, a normal four-way stop. Thus far, no city planner or architect has been able to understand why this one intersection has claimed more lives than any other intersection in the entire united states, each year, dozens of t-bones, head-on collisions, and multiple-car pile-ups claim lives numbering often in the hundreds. Until now.

it is about to become a problem for the Outlaws to deal with. This is a scenario that takes place in the Summer of 2021. The agents in this scenario are part of the “Outlaws”.

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