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Cthulhu on Userfriendly!

The great unclean one can be spotted on the popular comic UserFriendly ( at the following Continue reading »

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The Drooler in The Dark

I stood at the door, my face pale. A cold seat dampened my brow. I turned to look at my companion to see how he was faring. Prepare yourself, Joe. We are about to face something so horrible and evil that I am surprised that the very earth does not reject its presence.
What is this horror? said Joe.

The Drooler in the Dark, the Dog That Should Not Be… I said, my voice trailing off to a whisper.

A Hound of Tindalos! Joe cried as a look of terror crossed his face.

No, far worse. I said as the door swung open, revealing It.

Oh, look at the cute doggy! said Joe, stepping forward to meet the Beast.

No, Joe! I cried, but it was already too late…
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Ghoul Picnic

On a beautiful starfilled midnight, in a clearing surrounded by trees with stable root, the Night People gathered for a meal.

Illivant squatted and warmed himself by the fire, inhaling the rich aroma of the spitted meat. Not long before, Illivant had been resigned to roots and leaves instead of proper food, but a stray current had brought a brace of drowned fisherman to shore.

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