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Augustus Cantus: The Tenders of the Stone

This article is a submission to the Augustus Cantus contest sponsored by Golden Goblin Press. Give it a read for when voting opens up, and go ahead and try your own entry!

In the remote mountains of Tarraconensis (Hispania / Spain) there exists a mysterious sect known as the Tenders of the Stone. The region they operate in encompasses about a dozen villages and towns, mostly pastoral in nature, although some trade in silver, olives, and wine. The Tenders are thought to be natives on these villages, although their specific identities are unknown. The cultists, usually a procession of thirty members, gather on the Vernal and Autumnal Equinox and visit a seemingly random village within their domain. They then demand the tribute of a single human being to be given up to their “God of Stone”, “The Provider of Prosperity”. In return all the villages in the region are ensured a prosperity. Continue reading »

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Augustus Cantus — A Cthulhu Invictus Contest

Image is a book cover showing a collage of various scenes of ancient rom.

Horrore De Cosmico
Six Scenarios For Cthulhu Invictus
By Golden Goblin Press

Salve citizen!
It is with great honor that I announce the Augustus Cantus Cthulhu Invictus contest! Our beloved Patron Golden Goblin Press has been generous enough to offer us “boo boo books” (Slightly damaged in production, but still in fine order) as well as Roman Replica Coins in their own small bag that we can give away to the contestant who comes up with the best Cult of Ancient Rome. Our two runners up each get their own aforementioned copy of Horrore De Cosmico, and our Grand Prize winner gets the final Horrore De Cosmico, as well as 9 Replica Roman Coins, and the long awaited Cthulhu Invictus Fiction Book, Tales of Cthulhu Invictus.


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