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Coffee of Cthulhu

UPDATE: The fiends at The Storm Crow Shop have issued the discount code SHOGGOTH for 25% off all their products.

As you rise from the sleep that is not death and is not life, you make yourself a stygian elixir of crushed roasted beans of far of Arabia, it’s charnel color swirling like a deadly whirlpool in your chalice, and then you head off into the stars… tumbling forth into strange new vistas amongst throngs of others, all unknowingly participating in the same dire ritual.. and when you go to consume your unholy elixir of unnatural endurance.. you find it’s gone cold.

This is truly an abysmal fate for any cultist. Luckily, our dear and depraved friends at The Storm Crow Shop have come up with a solution for every good cultist. Their cursed artificers have created a double (that’s two) walled steel travel mug. It should hold 12oz of whatever sort of ichor you need. They just restocked so hurry and get yours before they sell out once again!

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