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Le Lechuza

It has the face of a beautiful woman but with a cold expression on her face and giant black eyes. Scraggly, long black hair hangs from the top of her head. The body is that of a giant owl. Stunted arms cling to its sides, while wings extend from its back. Wicked claws tip the end of its scaled, featherless feet.

In the rafters of the half-fallen barn, we saw her, the source of our torments for almost a year. The flashlight beam fell across the horrid, yet human face. Her black eyes contained all the hatred in the world. If she could have killed us with a simple glare, she would have. She spread her wings, and hissed and clicked, making noises impossible for a human throat. 

Alternative names: Owl Witches 

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Creeping Shadows

shadowy creatures look like human shapes with dark, torn, ripped shades of black with jagged mouths and soulless eyes. Emerging slowly from a shadow on the wall, its hands gripping the non shadowy parts as if the creature is using it as support to climb out into our dimensional plane of existence

“Shifting Echoes”

“Your shadows, as black as your soul, will leap out and devour you whole.”

—Ms. Onyx
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The Alp

A cruel elf sitting on the chest of a woman, it is nude save for a strange triangle shaped hat it is wearing

Alpe, Alpen, Drudge, Mara
alp, or also little alp,
you shall remain no longer 
alp’s sister and father,
you shall go out over the gate;
alp’s mother, trute and mare,
you shall go out to the roof-ridge!
Let the mare not oppress me,
let the trute not pinch me,
let the mare not ride me,
let the mare not mount me!
alp with your crooked nose,
I forbid you to blow on

—Münchener Nachtsegen, a prayer to be said at night.
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The Sirens of Dagon

drowned zombie deep one hybrids

When the deep ones pulled back from their Innsmouth “colony” following the US government’s raid in 1928, the connection between the deep one hybrids and the ocean was severed. However, deep one hybrids still feel some connection and are drawn to Innsmouth. They yearn to be themselves rather than “living in someone else’s skin.” Those who grow tired of waiting resign themselves to the waves.

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A long, worm-like creature, its front rearing. All of its body is alien writing and runes. Its head sports multiple eyes and a wide, lamprey-like mouth with dozens of hooked teeth. On the underside are hundreds of tiny legs. Near the head are two long, segmented appendages, each ending with a single sickle-like claw.

We no more than set foot in the cave when it appeared. Some monstrous worm or insect, or something of both. The size of an elephant. Chittering, squelching, buzzing, the sounds of rage at our presence. It reared, teeth spinning in the circular mouth that opened in its head. Then came down two terrible claws. There was a sharp scream beside me, but it was short. Then I noticed one of the claws was slick red. The smell of copper and offal filled the air. 

Alternative names: Keepers, Sentries of the Old Ones, Wardens.

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Multiple large bats covering the body of a screaming man, draining the blood from him. The bats have grasping hands, using them to cling to the man.

I’m entering the cause of death for that family as “animal attack, unknown.” Thing is…and this has to stay between us…thing is, I know what killed them. But there’s no way I’m making it official. I’d lose my job and no other coroner’s office would ever hire me again. The evidence is undeniable. The fur samples we found around the farmhouse tell us what kind of animal did it. Bats. The bite marks on their bodies tell us. They look just like bats…except bigger. Bigger than any bat in existence.  

Alternative names: Cave Devils, the Swarm. 

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A flat, slug-like creature surging out of water and rising up to engulf a screaming woman. The top of the creature is patterned like a cow. The narrow rim of the creature is lined with small, sharp, curved teeth. On the top of the creature, near the front or "head" are multiple stalks tipped with a single eye on each one. The back of the creature features dozens of soft, spike-like appendages.

GURUVILU. Monstrous animal of some lakes in the kingdom. The Mapuche say it swallows men. They do not agree upon its shape. Some make it long like a serpent; others nearly circular like an extended cow hide. – Father Felipe Gomez de Viduarre, Historia geografica, natural y civil del Reino de Chil

Alternative names: El Cuero, Hueke Hueke, The Leather, Mata-Mata, Gla’akini.

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Anomalous Creature X-1968

A massive black blob on the ocean floor, debris such as sunken ships protruding from it. Several tendrils of various lengths reach up from the mass, one ensaring a blue whale.

 (Unique Entity)

I know what I saw. No threat to stay silent from the alphabet agencies can change that. We found the crew of the Ever Grace after they’d been in the water for about three days. We’d radioed our location and were about to start lifting them into the helicopter. Then the water turned green under them. Then pink. Then blue. Faster and faster. Brighter and brighter. And they started going under. They didn’t even have time to scream. Just there, then gone. Then something came out of the water. A tentacle but not like an octopus or squid. No suckers or anything like that. Smooth, oily, the changing colors following across its surface. It swiped at the helicopter again and again. Our pilot is a bad ass. He’d been in Iraq during the worst days to be in Iraq. We were lucky to get out of there. 

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A gigantic angler fish, with the bodies of dozens of human men fused to it at their waists.

I saw it just beneath the surface. An anglerfish, big as an orca. Larger. The dead white eyes, set just above the mouth lined with sabre-like teeth, seemed to regard me. Then I saw them, men, a dozen of them, writhing against the monster. No, not against it. Part of it. They gaped and reached and struggled against this thing that was part of them. Each face distorted pain, jaws dislocated from screaming, eyes threatening to escape their sockets. I reeled back. But then…they were gone. Then there she was. Dead five years but as full of life as during our happy years. Before the cancer. Arms and legs open, begging for me to join her in the water.  

Alternative names: Sirens

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A monstrous catfish, larger than a person. It's pectoral and ventral fins have vestigal, webbed fingers. It's sucker-like mouth is attached to the top of a man's head, sucking his brains out. The catfish's long wiskers are wrapped around the man's neck.

The beams from our flashlights fell on Courtney, sprawled on the rocky shore. A fish, or something like a fish, big as a car, was at her head. Blood and something yellow trickled from its lips as it sucked on her head. Her eyes and tongue bulged as her body twitched. I screamed. The fish seemed to notice us then. The long whiskers that held Courtney untangled from her, and shot into the air, lashing at us. Then the fish slid water, dragging her with it. 

Alternative names: Dobhar-chu, Mamlambo, Nommo, Sirians

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