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The Golden Locket, the Auburn Hair, and the Bones

This is a Christmas story. That said, it is not a story about Santa, or the Christ child, or Scrooge. It’s my Christmas story.

I am not a person given to a lot of nostalgia. I think I should make that clear from the beginning. I had left my old life behind me some years before to pursue the family business, and that had left no place in my life for Sandra. I knew she would not approve of my new lifestyle, so I never bothered to explain to her what had happened. She was ever a practical person, so I was sure she would mourn for a time, find someone new, and move on with her life. When I saw the golden locket around the neck of my latest subject, however, it reminded me of her. She had always worn such a locket, and, although this elderly woman was not her, it made me think, for the first time in ten years, about my Sandy. In a fit of nostalgia, I took the locket from her, knowing she would not miss it. Continue reading »

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Karaoke Dancing Cthulhu

Contributed by Seth & Sharon:You might get a kick out of this:

This was done by my girlfriend Sharon for a party we threw last Halloween. Hope you like it.


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Special Announcement.

In a effort to generate more visitors to our site, we’ve been trying to actively recruit Cthulhu fans to visit Unfortunately we’re not finding fans fast enough for our liking. As such, we’ve begun manufacturing our own fans here in-house. That said, our RPG editor phobia got the ball rolling last night with a 8lbs 4oz girl named Rachel Lynn. Congratulations David, we wish you all the best.

NOTE:Your loyal webmaster will not be following in this as there are special agreements with the US government and NATO stipulating I can not breed.

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Curse the Darkness: A Cthulhu/Star Wars Crossover

As promised long, long ago, here’s the first in my series of crossover settings. Since I mocked the concept of a Star Wars crossover, I figured that would be a good place to start with this series. I’ll start with bringing Cthulhu into Star Wars, and then in a later article I’ll show a way to bring a little Star Wars into Call of Cthulhu.

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The Bruce Report: Resurrected V

A short Bruce Report this week folks.  I don’t know if the holiday made the news trickle out slow or what.  Not much quality news.  On top of that, my wife was in and out of the hospital all weekend, so I was not exactly inspired to do much digging for the news.  Hopefully, next week, everything will be back on track.

This week we have: Spielberg’s conspiracy; Britain’s UFO Files; Nature’s Artwork; More on the Gorman Ranch; European skull could re-write American history; and Aryan UFOs under Antartica.
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