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The R’lyeh Report – April 2002

Howdy Folks!
It sure has been a Looooooong time since the last R’lyeh report went out. I hope February and March treated you well. We Chaosium
folk have been running as fast as we can to keep new book projects moving along, and chasing some old projects as well. A Trade
show in mid March took half the company out of the office for a week, and we’re still catching up from that. Add to the mix a new
influx of Call of Cthulhu fans with all sorts of questions to answer, new retailers asking about our books, and a couple of
distributors who are suddenly interested in our company again, and you can see why it’s been so long since our last report. If it
weren’t for the Unexpected Arrival of Chaosium dude #4.5 – Ben Monroe, we’d be hopelessly behind. As it stands, we’re simply
hopefully behind. Now that we have 4.5 Chaosium dudes, we’ll be quite dangerous once we get some cash flowing back into the
company. 🙂
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This is an open letter to THE ENTIRE INTERNET!!!

I’m Thomas Prendergast, a staffer at the paranormal TV news show PHENOMEN-X. I know some of you are snickering right now because of that fake alien autopsy we showed a while back, but hear me out. THIS IS IMPORTANT.

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