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A lot of the people that we run into, either in person, or through the blog, are creators in some way or another. That, combined with the niche that our blog studiously rests within, led us to adopt a new idea:
We’re going to offer up an advertisement program.
If you’ve noticed in the sidebars, we have examples of some of the advertisement options that we’re offering. Anyone that’s a creator, or has a product that’s Mythos or Weird Horror specific (You know…fits our website), is more than welcome to request a quote for a banner ad, Social Media ads, or a blog post advertising your creation.
Then you’ll be adding the visibility of every subscriber to your product’s potential.
That’s kinda awesome!
Interested? Email [email protected] and request a quote. We’ll send you an email with your options and pricing.
Disclaimer: We have the right to refuse any ad placements that we deem don’t fit the concept of our site or might in some other way be just too offensive or weird. We’re pretty open-minded people, but even we have limits.

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Review of Lovecraftesque (Kickstarter)

As a roleplay-focused GM, some of my best games involved very few dice rolls and lots of delicious, scary, tension-building narrative that made the players squirm in their seats. For these sorts of stories, a good game moved away from mechanics and doubled down on rich settings, character interaction and pure story.

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Book Review: Book of the Dead, by Greig Beck

Book of the Dead by Greig Beck

Book of the Dead by Greig Beck.

For years, my colleague and overseas pal, David Hambling, has been trying to encourage me to write a Lovecraftian story that has at least some part of the setting in the area that I’m living in. I’ve been hesitant, but after reading Book of the Dead by Greig Beck, I’ve learned that setting doesn’t matter, it’s the story that drives a novel.

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Rise of Cthulhu – Second Print Run

Back it today!

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Back it today!

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We Need Reviewers!

Want free stuff?
Like to Read, Play Games, or Listen to Music?
Love Weird Fiction, Cthulhu, and the things that go Bump in the Night?

We’re Ready to Believe you!

I mean, we’ve got a group site that you can join and get free stuff. In exchange we only ask that you give us a review of that stuff for us to put it up on the site! We love reviews of stuff, and so do the people who give us said “stuff.”

So, if you’re willing to give us honest and in depth reviews of games, books, music, or whatever we get that’s related to Weird/Stranger Fiction, Horror, and Lovecraft, then go on over to our Review forum and sign up!

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A Quark in Black Seas of Infinity

Shoggoth fiction image in red

A solipsistic trip into the mind of one who sees, from a perch atop Miskatonic University, the reality of it all. Is it the navel-gazing of a philosopher … or the witnessing of the infinite horror within oneself?

When I dream of a void, I dream of an unending chasm. White shadows whisper, and they eat into my mind. I hear the smells of sacrificial flesh, and see the tastes of foreign meat. But these are only nightmares.


I loathe my place in life. I want to escape, but I cannot. The city never seems to let me leave. At times, it nearly seems intentional—when I try to leave or have an out of town conference, I am always derailed or deferred. To be frank, I have never left the city in my entire life. Though I know that it is surely by chance or lack of ambition, it nonetheless seems entirely wrong. Does the city have a sentience? Logically, I know that is impossible, but these paranoias chill me nonetheless. But I want to leave! I need to leave, or I will die here. If I have decades left of life here, will that provide the opportunity I need? I think not.

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The Abyss Stares Back


Man looks into the abyss

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Object Hit Points

Does anyone here have ideas for object hit points?  The examples in the core rulebook 6th ed. are absurdly low for things like concrete and not sure if any other Chaosium publications offer suggestions.

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Tales of the Caribbean

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