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Review: Delta Green, Need to Know

First things first, this is a beautiful product. Arc Dream Publishing does a great job with the covert ops decoration–bits and pieces of classified documents, blurry, black and white photographs, documents with blood drops, etc. Combine this with beautiful cover art of a sufficiently horrid monster and you’ve got a product which says “Buy me. Play me.”

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‘Delta Green: The Role-Playing Game’ coming from Arc Dream Publishing

“Be careful what you wish for. Delta Green, the award-winning setting of deadly conspiracy, desperate intrigue, and Lovecraftian cosmic terror in the modern day, has returned. The subject of the two most highly-rated tabletop role-playing game books of all time ( index) is an RPG of its own from Arc Dream Publishing. Delta Green: The Role-Playing Game launches at Kickstarter in September 2015.”

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New Kickstarter for Cthulhu Now Adventures

Hi all, Stygian Fox have just launched our first kickstarter for our first paid-for product!

The Things We Leave Behind is a modern day scenario anthology for Call of Cthulhu focussing on the madness and evil within mankind. Please take a look and support us!

It has a dark focus and has scenarios written by Jeff Moeller, Scott Dorward, Brian M. Sammons, and Si Brake. There is also art by Davide Como and maps by myself, Stephanie McAlea.

We at Stygian Fox are proud of our little twisted, tentacular baby so please take a look and support us!

The Things We Leave Behind Kickstarter

Stygian Fox is a licensee of Chaosium Inc and it’s I.P. is used with permission.

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Delta Green Has Shipped!

Greetings, Everyone!

The books are on the water and on their way! The main shipment will arrive in the month of December and should be fully available in January, as Customs and the Holidays shall have their way.

Advance Copies will be on their way as soon as they arrive!

We here at Eos apologize for the delays; we’ve restructured our printing facilities and it cost valuable time, but the upshot is that these problems won’t occur again in the future.

I’ll keep you all posted as I have news!
— Brad Elliott
Manager/Lead Developer of Eos Press

Found: (Internet Archive)

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Pagan Publishing Update

Pagan Ships a Book!

As the lamb opened the sixth seal, yea and verily did Pagan announce that The Resurrected III: Out of the Vault is now in gaming shops everywhere. You can check out a sneak preview, or order it from our online catalog. The resurrected III: Out of the Vault is a collection of ten scenarios from early issues of the Unspeakable Oath, the most recent of which has been out of print for nearly eight years.Scenarios by John Tynes, John H. Crowe III and Kevin A. Ross. Continue reading »

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This is an open letter to THE ENTIRE INTERNET!!!

I’m Thomas Prendergast, a staffer at the paranormal TV news show PHENOMEN-X. I know some of you are snickering right now because of that fake alien autopsy we showed a while back, but hear me out. THIS IS IMPORTANT.

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