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Defeat a Hag

This adventure is designed for your favorite fantasy role playing game, to be inserted into an ongoing campaign, and can be completed in a single session. It consists of a scenario that takes place over time, but should be conducted in a single game session. It will work best with players who are interested in mechanics and roleplaying, maximizing both of those aspects of your favorite game.

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Facehugger for Call of Cthulhu

“Return to the place where no one can hear you scream…”

This article contains information on inhabiting your world with the “facehugger” from the Aliens series of movies. Included are: Anatomy, Combat statistics, and recommended sanity losses for encountering them.

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REVIEW: HPLHS’s The Call of Cthulhu

“The Call of Cthulhu,” a new film by the H. P. Lovecraft Historical Society, has been one of the most anticipated releases of the last year, and the Shoggoth Network is proud to bring you this complete review…

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REVIEW: Plush Cthulhu

When the package containing my latest order finally arrived in the mailbox I immediately ripped open the box to find a green plush likeness of our favorite Great Old One, The Mighty Cthulhu himself (only smaller).

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‘Delta Green: The Role-Playing Game’ coming from Arc Dream Publishing

“Be careful what you wish for. Delta Green, the award-winning setting of deadly conspiracy, desperate intrigue, and Lovecraftian cosmic terror in the modern day, has returned. The subject of the two most highly-rated tabletop role-playing game books of all time ( index) is an RPG of its own from Arc Dream Publishing. Delta Green: The Role-Playing Game launches at Kickstarter in September 2015.”

Get the whole story:

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Chaosium’s Gamemaster Program

Chaosium has recently posted revisions to their gamemaster program. It’s now called the Cult of Chaos…

Have a look, here:

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Delta Green Has Shipped!

Greetings, Everyone!

The books are on the water and on their way! The main shipment will arrive in the month of December and should be fully available in January, as Customs and the Holidays shall have their way.

Advance Copies will be on their way as soon as they arrive!

We here at Eos apologize for the delays; we’ve restructured our printing facilities and it cost valuable time, but the upshot is that these problems won’t occur again in the future.

I’ll keep you all posted as I have news!
— Brad Elliott
Manager/Lead Developer of Eos Press

Found: (Internet Archive)

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Origins 2007 Report – Trevlix

Trevlix, a Group Keeper and of YSDC fame, has begun posting of his Origins experiences in his journal.

Check it out, here.

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Origins 2007 Feedback!

Have some comments on this year’s Group events at Origins?

Have stories to tell?

Have suggestions for next year?

Would you like to participate as a Group GM in 2008?

Let us know! Send in a submission! Post in our forums! Post at the forums. Send me an email! Continue reading »

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Interview with Sandy Petersen

Welcome once again loyal readers… This time we have a great interview with game designer and Call of Cthulhu author Sandy Petersen.
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