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More from Joe Crociata

Joe Crociata has let us know about a new item he has up for auction. This one is his own version of a Necronomicon, featuring Inuit and Assyrian style art and writing, with translations of the rituals in the back. Check out the link for images of and further information regarding this tome.

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Not exactly Cthulhu, but certainly creepy

Was watching a bit of the Today Show this morning (a scary concept in and of itself), and they had two gentlemen on there who were peddling a rather unique house.

You see, they got ahold of a closed missile silo, and renovated it into a luxury home. Current bid is around $2 million, but you can “Buy It Now” for $25 million. If you do the latter they toss in extra amenities like your own helicopter.

To give this the added air of relevance, I sent them an email to see if they’d be willing to sell floorplans.

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Joe Crociata: Crafter of Eldritch Tomes

We came across a rather swank looking auction on eBay, one peddling off a hand-crafted “arcane tome” and thought to ourselves, “Damn, this is cool! Who cooked this up?” The man is Joe Crociata, a student at the University of Tennessee. Aside from crafting cool tomes, he’s also related to the last person burned at the stake in England for religious reasons. One can only wonder what religion that was. He has a new item up for auction as well. Without further ado, here’s me and Joe: Continue reading »

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The Mixed Blessing of Crossovers

You know you’ve been there:

Keeper: Okay, so you are all coming out of the ruined building, the cacophony of cultists in the wake of their fell god’s death growing dim behind you, your Tommy guns still warm in your hands, your trench coats wrapped about you tightly to keep out the cold of the October night. As you enter into the field, an irregular disk with lights of various colors can be seen descending from the sky and landing in the field. (Players announce various actions to confront this strange sight.) A ramp descends from the side of the vessel, and three figures emerge. Two are obviously human, one blonde, clad all in black, with a strange metal tube of some sort hanging from his belt. The other human is darker-haired, wearing a long-sleeved white shirt, a black vest, black pants, with a low-slung gun holster around his waist. Behind them is a large, hairy humanoid with a crossbow and a bandolier slung across its chest.

Player: Okay, I’m going into the kitchen to get a Mountain Dew, and when I come back, you are going to explain to me calmly and rationally that my 1920s investigator did not really run into Han, Luke and Chewie stepping off the Falcon.

Crossovers are one of those things that every gamer seems obliged to face, usually as a player, but sometimes as a GM if he or she is running a setting where “anything is possible”. Done well, they provide the opportunity to explore the meaning of genres by blending them and examining the overlap. Done poorly, they just, well, suck. So for this article I thought I would explore the ways of crossovers can be done, and hopefully how to avoid getting Doritos thrown at you. In the future, I’ll be doing some pieces on specific Cthulhu-crossover settings, hopefully without a lynching. Please, no hate mail.

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