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Eye Drinkers

Tall, sickly slender humanoids, with crow-like heads. Their bodies and heads are covered in uneven, sparse feathers. Their arms are lined with larger feathers, forming rough wings. On each hang is a long, multi-knuckled index finger, with sharp claw on the end.

Darrell clutched his face, blood from his now empty socket gushing between his fingers. The now detached eyeball was impaled on the creature’s long, multi-segmented finger. It brought the eye to its beak and delicately plucking it away. Darrell thought he could see a shiver of ecstasy run through the monster’s feathers as it swallowed his eye. Then it took a step toward him. “What would you have me tell you?” it said in his voice. 

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Review: Hellbound on Netflix

Image is of a man smoldering with flames kneeling before a humanoid form composed of smoke and ash

The South Korean series Hellbound, produced by Netflix, is a show best watched without any real knowledge beyond its basic premise. Sinners in South Korea begin to have visions of Angels, who proclaim they will face judgement at a specific time and will face damnation to hell. Continue to read at your own peril!

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image is of a fair skinned man falling into a bottomless hole

Alternative names: Hungry Mouths, Silent Assassins, Haq’yiq

It ate him! The ground ate him! It opened up right under him and he fell in! I can still hear him! Help! Somebody please help us!

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Cthulhu Eternal in the Bundle of Holding

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Nikola Tesla in front of an invention

I assume that those young readers who follow my popular column in the Electrical Experimenter magazine are familiar with the Vampire (or wampir, as my Croatian grandparents called it in stories to keep us children from roaming outside at night). In fact, now that motion pictures feature sound However, I also am aware that for most adult Americans of late 1897, the plasticity of their brains hardening into rigidity of “everyday” behavior and thought meant that they were not conversant with the ancient legends of undead, blood-hungry ghouls who rise and feed on the living once the sun goes down. These creatures, formerly human, may transmogrify into wolves, or bats, or even mist; or so the Old World legends say.

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Cthulhu Awakens on Kickstarter

Cthulhu Awakens Roleplaying Game

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Slug Horrors

A humanoid over all shape, the body long and round, the lower half touching the ground, holding the creature up. It has thin arms and legs, the legs useless and dragging on the ground. Its head is a human skull. Fleshy eye-stocks emerge from the sockets amd extend high above the head.

More of the creatures emerged from the piles of brown, reeking refuse at the foot of the yawning god. Things that were once men, but their bodies stretched, distended to hardly look human anymore. Their limbs were thin things, dragging useless as they crawled. Atop their heads they wore the skulls of their old bodies, eye-stalks emerging through the sockets. 

Alternative names: Feces of Lhuaggoglug, Servants of the Slug, Guides of the Labyrinth, Mar-iggu

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Old West gambler Hank Hill screaming at the agony of billions and billions of hands of cards.

Hank doesn’t know how he knows it, but in the fifth or sixth year of shuffling and shuffling and shuffling–into insanity, if only his brain could please break down, but it ain’t doing that because he’s just mind, no brain to break no more–he knows that some Polack scientist type name of Czepiel figured out how many shuffles there really were in real-life terms.

Figured out. Or will figure out. Or will have figured. Or something.

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The Eater of Children

A broken, jagged tree stump with a few, short, naked branches. At the base of the stump opens a large and gapping, wet hollow.

(Unique Entity)

It is something left over from the most ancient days. Not plant or animal or fungus but something else. If there were ever others of its kind, they are long gone. It alone survived the cataclysms throughout the aeons by learning and adapting. Now it is less a living thing now and more a force of cold, hungry nature. Its form is never fixed for long, always changing to better hunt and hide, thought it may wear one skin for millennia. In these final days it appears as dried, barren tree, its mouth gaping and desperate. Perhaps even this immortal being is coming to the end of its life.

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Cthulhu Eternal has Launched!

Cthulhu Eternal in a hand scrawled font on a cloudy green background

We are so, SO excited to today be announcing the first release of Cthulhu Eternal, our all-new, fully-open, anytime ruleset for creating Tabletop RPGs with a Lovecraftian influence.

The first batch of downloadable System Reference Documents (SRDs) is available right now via DriveThruRPG (where they’re technically listed as a Pay-What-You-Want release to allow folks who want to chip in a donation can do so, but we’re 100% fine with people taking the files for free).

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