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The bugs in my brain
Alien thoughts compel me
Bugs, so many bugs

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To Survive

I wish to escape
I have shot you in the leg
Nothing Personal

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Flora or Fauna

I see a Dark Young,
Oh, I thought it was a tree,
Alas Sanity

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No Asylum

My shattered mind shrieks
Echos in the empty halls
No more asylum

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Black on Black

TBlack Castlehis is an example of my poetry. If memory serves, it was published in an issue of Cthulhu Cultus, but I don’t have any of those contributor’s copies any more, so I’m not 100% sure. 99%, yes. It was inspired by a painting I did, a neon nightmare on black velvet. This photo by Marcin Stawiarz isn’t it, but it’s very cool:

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The House That Jack Built: A Diabolical Tragedy in Four Acts

Friends, we here at mean to horrify you by any means and in any format or genre necessary. Below is our first stage play, a horrific fairy tale in verse written for ghoulish marionettes by master puppeteer Adam Bolivar. Let the atmosphere gloom you away …

Dramatis Personae

JACK STRAW, a scarecrow

SOLOMON SCRATCH, a traveling salesman of sorts

MRS. STRAW, a goodwife


The Time: The Days of Yore

The Place: A gone but not forgotten cornfield

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