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Endtimes Sale

Happy holidays everyone! To end the year right, Kthulhu Kitsch is having a year-end sale on all the stuff in our little shop of horrors. Continue reading »

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The Last Christmas

Penny Arcade, sponsors of the Child’s Play charity drive, are finishing this season with a little story of how our favorite Great Sleepyhead wakes up in time for Christmas dinner.

Penny Arcade

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Interview with Sandy Petersen

Welcome once again loyal readers… This time we have a great interview with game designer and Call of Cthulhu author Sandy Petersen.
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Shoggy T-Shirts for Sale

Now available at Kthulhu Kitsch is the all official, all swanky, all tentacular T-shirt. Each shirt you buy puts $4 in the pocket of the giganto person (Trollboy) who runs this site.

Check it out at: Continue reading »

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Last night after 8pm, the forums went to hell in a handbasket. Literally. All forum posts, etc are gone. We’re working to either rebuild them or restore from backup asap. Sorry for any problems this may cause.

In the interim, I’d like to thank staffer Phobia for helping to get the site back up, you sir are a golden god. With out you, our poor readers wouldn’t even see this page.

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