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Tentacles Ahoy!

I don’t want to shill for Disney but I did notice the second “Pirates of the Caribbean” movie – the sequel to the movie that brought us zombie pirate monkeys – has a lot of tentacles for a pirate movie. Check out this squidface, for instance: Disney Website link.

There is a giant tentacle attacking a pirate ship on the poster – a repeat of 20,000 Leagues’ giant squid battle, done with CGI this time? Continue reading »

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Osmanagic Pyramids

It is, of course, completely impossible for 12,000-year-old pyramids to be buried under a hillside in Bosnia and remain undiscovered to the present day until a Mayan-obsessed archeologist comes along.
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Nomura’s Giant Jellyfish

The Times reports on the latest annoyance to fishermen in the South China Sea: jellyfish 2m wide with countless tentacles blundering through their nets. If you think this isn’t scary, take a gander at the picture with the diver next to a giant floating eyeball. Behold!,,3-1910322,00.html
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Don’t Awaken the Kraken

Can Abdullah figure out which of the shipboard passengers has an unhealthy interest in the Eye of the Kraken before the ship reaches Hyade Island?

JellyfishGreen spotted this: free game download! Continue reading »

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The Last Christmas

Penny Arcade, sponsors of the Child’s Play charity drive, are finishing this season with a little story of how our favorite Great Sleepyhead wakes up in time for Christmas dinner.

Penny Arcade

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Order of Dagon with Chips

Quantum Muse ( presents “My Part in the Dooming of Mankind” by Jacob Lewis this month in their “Alternative” fiction section. Lazy slobs who wouldn’t know a Deep One if it came battered and deep-fried with their order of calamari need not apply.

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Cthulhu Chick

Do you know Jack Chick? He’s very determined that we can all be saved. However, there is no hope – we will all be eaten. If someone in YOUR life can’t see past their little problems to the really big ones, they might appreciate

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Dredged from the Deeps

The latest specimens from the NORFANZ expedition once again we have plenty of alien species already here on Earth. Struggling to add new horror to your campaign? Check out those Serpent Stars!

Creature Feature

(Originally flagged on Slashdot Science.)

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