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Origins 07 – Event Preview – Tombstone

Here’s a teaser for the “Tombstone” adventure at Origins 07

You board the stage coach, your compatriots; Wyatt and Virgil Earp, et. al. following shortly behind you. Along with your party, a young gunslinger joins you. You realize he’s a gunfighter, due to his utter inability to shut up and stop showing off. Gun spinning, targeting things through the window, etc. Continue reading »

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Back.. front and side to side

In a strange series of events that can only be classified by a word our team of loyal shoggites(yes that’s a word, so what if I just made it up) at oxford are working on developing (they’re handling that one, because we all know what happens when I make up a bloody word) we were down for a couple weeks.

Well a few SQL tweaks and a sacrifice to shub-internet later and here we are! YEAH! In the meantime, anyone recommend a good CMS? More on that and such IT Geekery below. Continue reading »

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