Origins 07 – Event Preview – Tombstone

Here’s a teaser for the “Tombstone” adventure at Origins 07

You board the stage coach, your compatriots; Wyatt and Virgil Earp, et. al. following shortly behind you. Along with your party, a young gunslinger joins you. You realize he’s a gunfighter, due to his utter inability to shut up and stop showing off. Gun spinning, targeting things through the window, etc.

As you begin to long for your old days of practicing dentistry where you could force people to stop talking by virtue of oral examination, you do begin to notice that, were he not such a complete and total ass, he’d be a welcome member of your team; his skill being on par with the rest of you.

You strike up conversation, not revealing your name as you don’t want the sycophancy associated with the name “Doc Holiday”. He reveals he’s headed to tombstone to fight a gunfighter, supposedly best in the world. You quietly chuckle to yourself, at the notion of the bloody path of being “the fastest in the west”. Upon arriving the youngster immediately goes into the saloon and proceeds to call the fighter out, not bothering to unpack any luggage or say good bye.

The gunfighter follows the braggart out; he’s tall, slender and possibly the darkest negro you’ve ever seen. He shows no emotion, nor does he utter a word. He calmly takes his place in the street, with the younger gunfighter walking his paces.

All goes quiet as death awaits a new fair across the River Styx.

“DRAW!” the whippersnapper screams, as he goes for his gun.

With some unpleasant noise and the smell of discharged gunpowder, the gun toting whelp hits the ground.

You go up to examine the body in horror, 3 perfectly placed shots to the chest. Each piercing the heart, exactly one inch apart, forming a perfect geometric triangle. The boy had managed to get his sidearm halfway out of his holster.

You’ve seen your share of gunfights before, and have become quite jaded, what terrified you with this one was, that the boy was about as fast as you were, yet hadn’t even fully drawn his weapon by the time his adversary fired three shots, what’s more the shots where PERFECT. No flaw at all. The colored gunfighter’s skill wasn’t impressive. It was impossible.

You look up, the gunfighter has already re-holstered his 45 and is walking back into the saloon, his dead eyes and emotionless face showing no sign of what just happened…

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