Back.. front and side to side

In a strange series of events that can only be classified by a word our team of loyal shoggites(yes that’s a word, so what if I just made it up) at oxford are working on developing (they’re handling that one, because we all know what happens when I make up a bloody word) we were down for a couple weeks.

Well a few SQL tweaks and a sacrifice to shub-internet later and here we are! YEAH! In the meantime, anyone recommend a good CMS? More on that and such IT Geekery below.I believe we’ve really outgrown phpslash, and I think we do too much for wordpress. I also have an unending disdain for the nukes (Hate me if you will, its just me). I’m looking for something modular that takes to hacking well. I’d personally like to see all the article pages just statically generated by the admin system and called statically via some sort of magick. But then I also talk to my snakes, so who’s to say. I’d love to hear your thoughts though. And no phobia we’re not doing ASP.NET.

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