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Don’t Awaken the Kraken

Can Abdullah figure out which of the shipboard passengers has an unhealthy interest in the Eye of the Kraken before the ship reaches Hyade Island?

JellyfishGreen spotted this: free game download! Continue reading »

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The 2005 Shoggy Award

You’ve heard stories, you’ve been warned by elected officials, and you had
duck and cover drills in school… but here it is anyway, the exclusive 2005
Shoggy award. When you sign up for the Tournement you have a
chance at winning this beasty!! Click more to see it.

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The Bruce Report (6.22.05)

Finally, after a month long hiatus, the Bruce Report has returned. In this installment (broken up into two parts), we have: Rampaging Hyena; Myths and Monsters of Scotland; the Cult of Anorexia; Saddam’s Occult Obsession; Undersea Strangeness; Japan’s Dangerous Roads; Pravda Round-Up… Continue reading »

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Work Week

Work Week


8:00 am — As it has for the past ten days, the knocking and rattling continued unceasingly, echoing from the office’s lobby and throughout the nearly empty building. Continue reading »

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Updates at Kthulhu Kitsch

Just a quick note to let y’all know about a couple new things at Kthulhu Kitsch.

First, we’ve made a section for just merchandise, so you can more easily discern what stuff you can buy to support Shoggy.

Second, we have a new T-shirt design: Arkham Fire Department. Yes, very exciting.

You are now returned to your normal talk about Origins ’05.

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