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The Astronaut (Unique Entity)

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Alternative Names: The Emissary, The Magician

The Astronaut, as its name suggests, appears to be a human wearing a bulky spacesuit. An intense blue-white light pours out of the broken visor, obscuring the features of the person inside. The laws that govern space and time seem to break down in the entity’s presence. Witnesses report déjà vu, along with glimpses of other places and times when encountering the being. The Astronaut has been blamed for several disappearances. Each missing person reported seeing the Astronaut in the days leading up to them vanishing. 

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Santa Claus (Avatar of Nodens)

A man dressed in a long, rough woolen gown, dyed red with white spots. A large white beard obscures much of his face. His head is adorned with a reindeer skull and antlers. He rides astride an eight-legged black reindeer. The animal's mouth is drawn in a hideous grimace, slobbering.

“He was dressed all in fur, from his head to his foot,
And his clothes were all tarnished with ashes and soot;
His eyes—how they twinkled! his dimples, how merry!
And the beard on his chin was as white as the snow;
The stump of a pipe he held tight in his teeth,
And the smoke, it encircled his head like a wreath;
He had a broad face and a little round belly
That shook when he laughed, like a bowl full of jelly.”

A Visit from St. Nicholas, Clement Clark Moore.

Alternative names: Berchtold, Bokkenrijder, Nikamund the Red. 

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A monster with a thin, spindly body and an enormous oval-shaped head. The head has no mouth and giant black eyes.

It never leaves me. Wherever I go, it follows me. Always watching. Always staring. At the office. At the park. Standing over my bed at night, those giant black eyes just inches from my face. I scream at it to do something, to kill me. It does nothing. I put my hands around its throat, trying to pull its bulbous head from its scrawny, skeletal body. It doesn’t even fight back. Just dies, staring me in the eyes the whole time. But it’s not over. It’s never over. I kill it, and there are two more a couple of days later. 

Alternative names: Those That Watch.

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A giant flying insect, the bones of a human wrapped around it. The head of the bug is inside the skull, its thorax inside the rib cage. The skeleton is missing its pelvic bones and legs. The segmented abdomen protrudes from the bottom of the rib cage. Fly-like, translucent wings emerge from the back of the rib cage.

Through the graveyard, frantic digging could be heard. The ground shifted. Dozens of headstones fell, many into the pits that opened where once lay burial plots. We saw the skulls, then shoulders bones and rib cages push their way out of the stinking mud. Something was wearing the bones of people. Long, segmented legs hung between rib cages. A curled abdomen curled where the pelvic bones and legs once were. From the back sprouted gossamer wings. The creature chittered and clicked to one another, then flew into the night. 

Alternative names: Corpse Flies

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A man wearing loose, shimmering robes. Only his head and hands are exposed. He has aquiline features, pale eyes, and long white hair. Over his shoulder floats a metallic orb, about the size of a baseball.

Master Rirhi first appeared to bear witness and give testimony to the initiates in 1893. When he next imparted his wisdom to the initiates, this time in 1921, he appeared as he had decades before. No new line or spot marred his face. His alabaster hair had lost none of its lusters. Same for his eyes, brilliant azure, reflecting the infinite depths of his wisdom. The intervening years had not conspired to stoop him, no arthritis had entered his bones. His bearing was as regal and imperious as ever. The older initiates declared this was indeed a sign that his wisdom had lifted him up into divinity. From The All-Pervasive Teachings of Master Rirhi Unveiled, by Col. Raymond R. Cook (published 1930)

Alternative names: Ascended Masters, Chrononauts, Exalted Patrons, Secret Chiefs

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A thin insect-like appendage, multi-segmented and terminating in claws, reaching out from behind a tree in the forest

We felt eyes on us for miles. We’d turn only to catch a glimpse of something slinking behind a tree. Later, I felt a tug on my collar. My shirt ripped as I spun. The leg or arm of a giant insect was curled around the tree, torn fabric held in its claws. Then it slithered back behind the tree. We ran. 

Alternative names: Grabbers

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Vestals of Ii-Ha

A tall female humanoid figure, wearing a long tunic. The tunic is decorated in arcane symbols in rows running up and down the length of the garment. She has four arms, two on each side. Each arm has multiple joints, segmented like an insect. From under the bottom of the tunic peek the ends of multiple insect-like legs. On their head they wear a veil that terminates just below the eyes, obscuring them. Under the veil, the face is dried and withered, the nose and lips missing, teeth exposed and gritted in a sinister grin.

It was something of a female figure, taller than any human, moving among the seeming infinite shelves of books. A finger traced the spines of the collected volumes, at the end of a misformed arm, segmented like that of an insect. A priest’s vestments hung from the being’s body. Across the gown were sigils I could not comprehend. Yet something inside of me roiled when I saw them. The creature floated as it moved. Sharp, thin feet, dozens of them, kicked from under the hem of the gown. I must have made some sort of noise. It turned toward me, a hiss coming from its skeletal face. It lifted a veil covering its eyes. The empty sockets began to glow. 

Alternative names: Canonesses of the True Face, Sisters of the Throne. 

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A Picture of a Rose

a plain black box

Alternative names: Langford’s Rose, Xithxrar’s Face

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An immense, thin humanoid being slightly bent at the waist. It is nude and sexless. Its flesh appears to be made of bone. Two arms hang by its sides; there are no elbows on the arms, nothing connecting the wrist to the rest of the arm or the hands to the wrists. Palms face the viewer. From its back spread eight other arms, four on each side, extending like wings, each disjointed like the arms at its side. Its face is featureless save six narrow eyes, arraigned in two even, verticle rows. Atop its head is a crown-like flame.

It hurt the eyes just to look at the being. The air around it shimmered, like pavement on a hot summer day. There was no radiation, the scientists in charge assured us. The effect was due to thex being’s strange composition, they said. It was just a guess, though. They’d never been able to get a tissue sample. The colossal creature seemed to be made entirely of bone or something like it. Whatever it was, it’d proved too hard for the government’s tools to even chip. Immense chains binding it gave the illusion of security. No doubt if it awoke it would easily shrug them away. Even as it slept, it felt as though the being was reaching inside of our minds, weighing our sins, judging our worthiness. 

Alternative names: Angels, Cleansers of the Earth, Fires of the Elder Gods. 

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Nahab, the Undying, the Unending

An old woman, naked from the waist up. She clutches a giant rat to her breast, nursing it. From under her long, ragged skirt peek the feet of a rat. Her face is sunken, eyes staring but lifeless. Her mouth hangs in a scowl. Long white hair falls about her shoulder. Around her are faint, shadowy images of herself, surrounding her.

“For almost one hundred years, the residents of the French Hill Neighborhood have seen a terrifying figure wandering through the streets and sometimes even their homes. An evil, ancient hag nursing a giant rat. Even as French Hill becomes a trendy, gentrified, upscaled neighborhood, the old superstitions remain. Everyone knows the name Keziah Mason. And everyone knows not to anger her. …– Marion Elwood, The Ghosts of Old Arkham.

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