Vestals of Ii-Ha

It was something of a female figure, taller than any human, moving among the seeming infinite shelves of books. A finger traced the spines of the collected volumes, at the end of a misformed arm, segmented like that of an insect. A priest’s vestments hung from the being’s body. Across the gown were sigils I could not comprehend. Yet something inside of me roiled when I saw them. The creature floated as it moved. Sharp, thin feet, dozens of them, kicked from under the hem of the gown. I must have made some sort of noise. It turned toward me, a hiss coming from its skeletal face. It lifted a veil covering its eyes. The empty sockets began to glow. 

Alternative names: Canonesses of the True Face, Sisters of the Throne. 

A tall female humanoid figure, wearing a long tunic. The tunic is decorated in arcane symbols in rows running up and down the length of the garment. She has four arms, two on each side. Each arm has multiple joints, segmented like an insect. From under the bottom of the tunic peek the ends of multiple insect-like legs. On their head they wear a veil that terminates just below the eyes, obscuring them. Under the veil, the face is dried and withered, the nose and lips missing, teeth exposed and gritted in a sinister grin.
The Nuns by Brad Hicks

The Necronomicon makes only a brief mention of these beings. It claims they manifest on Earth at high holy days to accept sacrifices and witness ceremonies. The Mad Poet makes note he is glad he never encountered such creatures; they are said to reduce blasphemers and trespassers to ashes with but a simple glance. 

Liber Tindalosi gives a deeper description, though that tome’s contents are dismissed as poor science-fiction penned by a madman. According to the book’s author, the Vestals of Ii-Ha make their home in a planet-spanning cloister orbiting the green star Ii-Ha. At the center of the cloister planet lies the true form of Nyarlathotep, imprisoned there aeons ago by the Elder Gods. The Vestals were created from pieces of Azathoh’s throne of darkness to watch over Nyarlathotep until the stars are right. Some venture throughout the universe to teach the proper worship of the outer gods.

Liber Tindalosi contains a ritual it claims will turn a human being into a Vestal. 

Vestals of Ii-Ha, nuns of chaos 

STR4D6+3 x 585
CON3D6 x 555
SIZ(4D6+6) x 5100
DEX3D6 x 550
INT(2D6+6) x 565
POW(6D+6) x 5130

Average Hit Points: 15

Average Damage Bonus: +1D6

Average Build: 2

Average Magic Points: 10

Move: 6


Attacks per round: 2 (claws or by weapon) or 1 (Death Stare)

Vestals fight by swiping at an opponent with their claws. They also have a wide variety of spells at their disposal. 

Death Stare: the Vestal lifts the veil from her face to reveal her hollow eyes, then attempts to make eye contact with a victim. The potential victim must make a Luck roll to look away. If the Luck roll fails, the victim is instantaneously reduced to a pile of greasy ash, issuing only a faint scream as they die. 

ClawsDeath StareDodge45% (22/9), damage 1D6 + damage bonus. Special, see above.  25% (12/5) 

Armor: None but mundane weapons and attacks have their damage reduced by half. 

Spells: Each vestal knows at least 2D10 spells, often Contact spells. Sanity Loss: 2/1D6+1 to encounter a Vestal. 

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