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Origins Report: Day 2

and its over.



I met a lot of fun people, played alot of fun games, and think I sold my spleen to gypsies.. or I’m married.. I don’t remember because I only speak chinese now and not
japanese… Continue reading »

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Origins Report: Day 2

Well, today was mostly uneventful… I ran some intro to cthulhu games for folks and will be running one tommorow at noon.

Come play with me.

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Other Nations now Available!

The novel OTHER NATIONS by T & P Marsh is now for sale!  It’s sci fi, mystery, romance, 430 pages, 13 illustrations that look like photographs.
Color cover, 6×9 trade paperback. Continue reading »

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The Origins Report: Day 1

Well, I didn’t sell any dice, but I did get to check out
the new RAFM minatures, as well as leaf through the new
Nocturnum book. It looks sweet.

Other than that, not much to report yet.. other than the
ridiculously gorgeous girl running around in nothing more
than a chainmail dress.. a large loop chainmail dress..
with nothing on underneath.. Where’s a Rustmonster when you
need one?

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Ooops I did it again

As a few of you have noticed, moved a second time. In fact if you’re reading this message, you’re on the new server now. Alas, the old server was sucky and WAY overloaded, so we moved her here. She’s doing ALOT better now and has plenty of power.

Thanks go out to Hosting for the swank hosting!

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Go topless no longer is now selling T-Shirts! We’re using CafePress for the time being until we can find a cool shirt guy to print our shirts for us.

GO! BUY NOW! IckBar, the god of commerce*, commands you!

*Yes I made that up, but I’m insane so it doesn’t matter

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