Origins Report: Day 2

and its over.



I met a lot of fun people, played alot of fun games, and think I sold my spleen to gypsies.. or I’m married.. I don’t remember because I only speak chinese now and not
japanese…All in all Origins this year was pretty good. Admittedly Friday had my terrified, as NO ONE showed up, mind you there where some other events happening in Columbus, but this was Origins goddamnit.

I still am concerned about Gen*Con though.. A large part of Gen*Con’s appeal was that is WAS GEN*CON. THE CON. Now, Gen*Con is a small plethora of smaller con. I can understand completely the logistics of it, but still, I personally still think it may hurt them in the long run

Oh well, the rant is now done, as is the con, so.. expect to see me at Gen*Con, where I will premiere Con Report 2: Jews in space! (with apologies to mel brooks).

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