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Terrible Truth

I knew the risks, some of them at least. I understood that the molds and fungi in the deep and secret chamber exuded a foul and toxic essence. I knew the understanding of these truths could make one mad, or worse.

Still, my hunger for knowledge, and I admit to a thirst for power, drove me forward. I put match to wick and adjusted the lantern.

Gently, and with trepidation, I opened the cover of the ancient and crumbling tome: a tingling sensation slipped into my thumb and coursed through my body. I began to read. These truths should have seemed fancy, but were undeniable as they burned into my mind and spirit.

My back arched, straining as if my spine might snap. I felt an enormous consciousness force itself into mine. I could form no words of my own, but issuing from my tortured mouth was a torrent of grating and sibilant consonants. “Gk sthqb pdgkkz sstsk!”

It was then I knew the terrible truth. I had lost all control of my vowels.

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Review of Ashes by Philip Hemplow

Scary house on a hill with storm clouds behind and a scary path in front.

Ashes by Philip Hemplow

Great fiction makes readers feel what their characters are going through. When an author can reach into a reader’s heart and pull at the same strings that his or her characters are going through, an author has done their job and done it well.

Philip Hemplow does just that with Ashes.

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Awesome prize support!

Awesome prize support!

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Dead of Night: A One-Round GURPS Call of Cthulhu Scenario

Dead of Night
GM’s Background

This adventure can take place in any town of the GM’s choosing. It can be set in most time periods.

A colony of ghouls is operating out of a local graveyard on the property of Saint Joseph’s Catholic church. They have no particular animosity toward the townspeople, but this will change if they are provoked. They are a literate group and are primarily interested in access to the local public and university libraries. They also enjoy many of the same items as humans.

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