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Mythos Artist John Donald Carlucci needs your help!

black stocking cap wearing, bespectacled grey bearded man in a hospital with sensor on his finger

Did you all like the Fiction Advent Calendar we ran in December? Well all that art was done by our very own John Donald Carlucci. Unfortunately, he does not have medical insurance and has been in the ER lately more than a Boston Trade Unionist goes to Dunkin Donuts for coffee. He needs your help to get back on his feet, and back to making horrible things for us to enjoy. Check out his GoFundMe here:

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Mythos Author Laird Barron needs your help!

All around awesome person Mike Davis of The Lovecraft Ezine & Podcast has helped set up a GoFundMe to help with the medical costs for Laird Barron. If you’re a fan (and you should be) you should consider pitching in! Every bit helps!!

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Cthulhu Eternal in the Bundle of Holding

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Cthulhu Awakens on Kickstarter

Cthulhu Awakens Roleplaying Game

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Cthulhu Eternal has Launched!

Cthulhu Eternal in a hand scrawled font on a cloudy green background

We are so, SO excited to today be announcing the first release of Cthulhu Eternal, our all-new, fully-open, anytime ruleset for creating Tabletop RPGs with a Lovecraftian influence.

The first batch of downloadable System Reference Documents (SRDs) is available right now via DriveThruRPG (where they’re technically listed as a Pay-What-You-Want release to allow folks who want to chip in a donation can do so, but we’re 100% fine with people taking the files for free).

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Bundle of Tentacles

Tentacles 6
Tentacles 6
Tentacles 6 The sixth offer of Cthulhu Mythos tabletop roleplaying game ebooks, TENTACLES 6

This year it contains:


  • Apocthulhu
  • Bayt al Azif issues 1-2
  • Convicts & Cthulhu



  • Tiny Cthulhu
  • Hideous Creatures
  • Apocthulhu: Terrible New Worlds
  • Tiny Cthulhu: Sister of Yhanith’lei


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A fellow cultist in need

Long time friend of the site, all around awesome person and owner of the multiple ENNIE award winning publisher Stygian Fox needs our help. In the current climate in the UK, Stephanie McAlea has been unable to get the surgeries she needs. In a very American sort of way, she has resorted to setting up a GoFundMe to help finance her surgery. We ask you today to look into your heart & your pocket books and see if you don’t have anything to spare to help her get some solace and peace as she goes through a very difficult time.

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Tales of the Al-Azif on Audible!

Tales of the Al-Azif on Audible!

Hey all! The smaller Matt here! I haven’t posted in a while, instead lurking in the background, enveloped in cloaks of darkness.

Yeah, that’s what I was doing…

Anyway! My anthology Tales of the Al-Azif, with authors CT Phipps, David Hambling, David West, and David Niall Wilson just came out on Audible narrated by Joshua Saxon! It’s absolutely wonderful! Give it a read! Just in time for SPOOKY MONTH!!!

Was that cheesy enough? Go listen.

Tales of the Al-Azif on Audible!
Tales of the Al-Azif on Audible!

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APOCTHULHU 80% off tomorrow

apocthulhu cover

What happens after the stars are right? The opensource game APOCTHULHU is going on sale 10am tomorrow on DrivethruRPG and can be picked up for a pittance! At least two creatures in our upcoming Octobernomicon are stated out in the APOCTHULHU system. Get yours today!!

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Coffee of Cthulhu

UPDATE: The fiends at The Storm Crow Shop have issued the discount code SHOGGOTH for 25% off all their products.

As you rise from the sleep that is not death and is not life, you make yourself a stygian elixir of crushed roasted beans of far of Arabia, it’s charnel color swirling like a deadly whirlpool in your chalice, and then you head off into the stars… tumbling forth into strange new vistas amongst throngs of others, all unknowingly participating in the same dire ritual.. and when you go to consume your unholy elixir of unnatural endurance.. you find it’s gone cold.

This is truly an abysmal fate for any cultist. Luckily, our dear and depraved friends at The Storm Crow Shop have come up with a solution for every good cultist. Their cursed artificers have created a double (that’s two) walled steel travel mug. It should hold 12oz of whatever sort of ichor you need. They just restocked so hurry and get yours before they sell out once again!

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