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Mastodon? More like Chaugnar Faugn..

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We at are proud to announce we just launched our own Mastodon Server for all you weirdo cosmic horror & cthulhu mythos fans to join. Sign up now!

Follow us there

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OctoberNomicon Is here.

OctoberNomicon logo

OctoberNomicon 2022 is upon us! Submissions are still open!

As many of you know, every October we do 31 days of new RPG monsters for Cthulhu Roleplaying. Well, it’s time to ask for submissions again!! Do you have a beastie in your crawl that you want to get out? Are you feeling especially plucky and want to write a full scenario? Are you a fiction writer and have a terrifying tale for us? Are you an artist willing to trade your creation in exchange for early (SECRET DO NOT SHARE) access to this year’s submissions? Reach out today at [email protected]

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More 2022 madness!

Why not take this opportunity to warn you about… Fiction Fridays!! Every friday new fiction will be posted here on This year is looking up! As always feel free to submit any Cthulhu Mythos creations to [email protected]

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2022 Plans and pardon our dust!

With the start of the new year, we’re going to try to do our damnedest to get more content out for you! As such, we’re starting Monstrous Mondays and Fiction Fridays. Admittedly Monstrous Mondays has gotten off to a rough start with the creature dropping on Tuesday and not getting art until Wednesday, but I believe The Hallowed makes a great first impression for the rest of the year! As always, feel free to send us your creatures, your fiction, your scenarios, your reviews and all your creative endeavors to [email protected]!

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CthulHaiku Beach Fun

Playing at the beach
Peculiar rock formation
Oh, shit, a deep one

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Terror of the Octobernomicon Live!!

We are live and over 50% funded!!

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Terror of the Octobernomicon Kickstarter

So the fine folks at Golden Goblin Press have been working on a secret project with us. We’re very proud of our yearly Octobernomicon, and they’re fans too. So we sat down and put all of our twisted little heads together and came up with a secret project I’m announcing now…

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Hello gamers!

I’m Chitin Proctor, the new RPG Editor for While new to the SDN team, I’m the Director of Operations and Chief Editor at Stygian Fox Publishing, and have done freelance work (proofreading) for Chaosium and Sentinel Hill Press.

Prior to working in the RPG industry, I’ve worked in a variety of different fields. I’ve managed restaurants and internet companies, lead marketing teams, worked as an F&B cost controller, and managed warehouses and even disaster restoration companies. But…this industry…it’s where my heart has been at for a very long time. Sneaking out of the house as a teenager to go play Call of Cthulhu was the first time I ever felt like I belonged. The other kids didn’t care what I looked like or where I came from. It was the first time in my life that I felt accepted.

And so, after a long hiatus in which I was a workaholic at one corporate job or another, I eased back into gaming-related stuff, starting with proofreading Stygian Fox’s The Things We Leave Behind in 2016. The initial work was therapeutic…it was what I’d turn to to de-stress from managing three restaurants. It’s why my name is in every Stygian Fox book in some capacity or another.

It wasn’t until 2020 though, when I found myself unemployed for the first time in 26 years, that I realized how messed up all work and no play had made me…how much of life I’d been missing out on, mostly working at jobs that I did not love. Which is how I found myself typing up an email to Matt at, applying for the RPG Editor position. Cause at this point in my life, I only want to work on things that I love…so hello readers. Let’s do horrific things together!

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DNS Kerfuffle was down today do to a DNS error. Said error has both been resolved and mitigated for the future. We’re now running in a cloud based configuration and have updated our DNS servers to better facilitate that fact in response to this outage. We thank you for your patience.

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We have a reddit now! Check us out there!

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