OctoberNomicon Is here.

OctoberNomicon 2022 is upon us! Submissions are still open!

As many of you know, every October we do 31 days of new RPG monsters for Cthulhu Roleplaying. Well, it’s time to ask for submissions again!! Do you have a beastie in your crawl that you want to get out? Are you feeling especially plucky and want to write a full scenario? Are you a fiction writer and have a terrifying tale for us? Are you an artist willing to trade your creation in exchange for early (SECRET DO NOT SHARE) access to this year’s submissions? Reach out today at [email protected]

Frequently asked Questions
What can I submit?
Any creature
Who’s the target audience?
Cthulhu gamers world wide, regardless of system
What’s the word count?
Entirely up to you! Is one paragraph enough? Does in require 5 pages to express it’s horror? You’re the boss.
What system are you accepting?
We are platform agnostic, but for the sake of ease, we’ve provided templates for Call of Cthulhu and Cthulhu Eternal
What happens to my submission?
We post it online under the CC-BY-SA license. You retain all rights.
Ok, what exactly do you need?
We need:

  • Art: We’ll shoot you a list of creatures needing art and you can go from there
  • Monsters: We need stats, a write up, and a one sentance artist’s description
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