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We’re at it again.. God help us all. is currently looking for *gasp* more editors. Here’s the scoop:
Filks: Someone to help collect and write those ZANY Cthulhu songs
Humor: Can you write Mythos comedy? Or can you get a lot of it?
Interviews: Nag all of your favorite Mythos stars now!
Filks: Someone to help collect and write those ZANY Cthulhu songs.
Reviews: Write reviews on your favorite Mythos products!!
Think you’re up to par?  Looking forward to random ICQ msg’s from a 7′
300lb bald man?  Then mail us at [email protected].

What do YOU get out of this?  Well, first I must say, you get your own
e-mail address, access to my personal collection of nude pictures of J. Edgar
Hoover and the infamy of being “one of those bastards from“.
I also must add, “ask not what your cult can do for you, but ask what you
can do for your cult” .. or is that ask what your cult is going to do TO

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A Conspiracy of Cthulhians

For the casual viewer of “The X-Files,” you probably know at least one thing about Fox Mulder: his sister was abducted by aliens. You might have no clue what the sister’s name is or how old she was when she was kidnapped or why she was even abducted in the first place, but you know she was abducted. Mulder pursues the trail of her abduction sporadically through the series like the reporter in Citizen Kane chases after the meaning of “Rosebud.”

And, by virtue of the fact that Chris Carter wasn’t very strict with creative control, there are at least three different explanations for what happened to Mulder’s sister, two of which suggest that there was never an alien abduction. They did the same thing with Scully. Scully gets abducted, has her ovaries milked and some sort of device stuck in the back of her neck, then later finds out that the abductors were quite human.

What does this have to do with Call of Cthulhu? Simple: just because you’re playing a game where the characters wander around and investigate paranormal stuff, doesn’t mean there has to be paranormal stuff in the game.

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H. P. Lovecraft’s Birthday Party in Vancouver BC

Come to H. P. Lovecraft’s Birthday Party! By foot or by wheel or by stilt! Join the swelling throngs. It is useless to resist. Saturday and Sunday, Aug 18-19. So much fun it hurts. OH GOD THE PAIN!

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Call of Cthulhu (d20) available for pre-release!

This just in, the famous (or infamous) Call of Cthulhu (D20)
rulebook is now available for pre-order from  Typically, boycotts
this vender due to thier unscrupulous patenting policies, but as
they are currently the only ones offering it and this is a major release, we’re telling you about it
here.  The new book is available on pre-order and is set to come out March 2002.  Credited with its creation are Monte
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