Heinrich Müeller

This asshole has Xeno Tier 3 written all over him. Intel believes he may have been a commandant at Auschwitz, but that hasn’t been confirmed. We do know he’s a powerful sorcerer with undead servants and spends time on the other side of sleep.

We’ll have to make sanitizing him a surgical op as he rarely leaves his offices. International businessman and philanthropist my ass.—Cpl. Franklin Miller, Team Leader, Project Star Team 3.

Müeller’s dangerous with a capital D. Project Star has shared with us they have a team going in tonight. I wish them luck, and I hope we don’t have to fight their animated corpses later.—Marcus Johnson, Wizard of the Manchester Foundation.

The guy’s a total freak. Usually some flunky answers the door and accepts the packages, but every now and then it’s him. He’s like the main bad guy in a Weird War Two B-movie.—Jimmy McPherson, Driver for United Package Courier.

Born July 29th 1908, Heinrich Müeller served in the Great War as a forward observer. After being wounded in battle from a gunshot to the left shoulder while taking out a French machine gun nest, he was awarded the Black Wound Badge (awarded for less than three wounds) and the War Merit Cross. This also earned him a promotion from Pionier (Private), skipping Flieger (the second Private rank), to Gefreiter (Private First Class).

Müeller was recruited into the SS when it was formed in 1925. He was then trained in magic, and subjected to medical experiments, both of which resulted in his knowledge of how to dramatically extend his life.

Due to his need for the spell Food of Life to prolong his life span, he only eats fruits, vegetables, and human flesh.

Spells: See below, after skills

Heinrich Müeller, cannibal and sorcerer

STR: 60 (30/12)

CON: 60 (30/12)

SIZ: 70 (35/14)

DEX: 70 (35/14)

APP: 50 (25/10)

EDU: 80 (40/16)

INT: 80 (40/16)

POW: 100 (50/20) Magic Points: 20

HP: 13

Damage Bonus: +1D4

Build: +1

Move: 8

Fighting Attacks:

Fighting (Brawl) 60% (30/12), damage 1D3+1D4

Cane Sword 70% (35/14), damage 1D6+1D4

Firearms (P08 9mm Luger) 45% (22/09), damage 1D10, 15 yds, shots 1 (3), ammo 8, malf 99 

Dodge: 45% (22/09)

Armor: Variable, based on Flesh Ward spell

Skills: Charm 55% (27/11), Credit Rating 90% (45/18), Cthulhu Mythos 35% (17/7), Dodge 45% (22/09), Drive Auto 20% (10/04), History 70% (35/14), Intimidate 70% (35/14), Language German 80 (40/16) {English, Hebrew, Japanese, Latin, Russian–all at 60% (30/12)}, Law 35% (17/7), 70% (35/14), Listen 70% (35/14), Occult 70% (35/14), Persuade 60% (30/12), Psychology 70% (35/14), Spot Hidden 70% (35/14), Stealth 45% (22/09)


Anathema (Dreamlands): Cost: 1 POW, 1D6 Sanity

Casting Time: An instant to speak a word

The word takes form in burning letters before the caster’s face and instantly ends all spells within earshot maintained by expenditure of magic points. Beings which have been brought by a Call or Summon spell must make an opposed POW or be dispelled.

Create Zombie: Cost: 16 MP, 1D6 Sanity

Casting Time: 1 week

A ritual liquid must be poured over a corpse or onto the grave. The Keeper determines the ingredients of the liquid, and at least one part should be difficult to obtain legally. (I suggest the fresh brain or heart of a wizard.) After a week, the caster intones a half-hour binding ritual. The corpse animates, then obeys the caster–performing simple tasks. The zombie continues to rot after it has risen.

Dominate: Cost 1 MP, 1 SAN

Casting time instantaneous, Range 10 yards

Opposed POW against one target who understands the command. If successful, the target obeys the caster until the end of the next round, though will not violate their basic nature.

Enthrall Victim: Cost: 2 magic points, 1D6 Sanity points

Casting Time: 1 round

The caster must be able to speak calmly with the target before the spell can take effect. After a round of talking, an opposed POW roll is made between the caster and target. If the caster is successful, the target stands struck, numb and dumb, until shaken out of this state.

Flesh Ward: Cost: Variable MP, 1D4 Sanity

Casting Time: 5 rounds.

Grants 1 MP/1D6 ablative armor against non-magical attacks to caster or other target. This protection lasts 24 hours and the spell may not be recast on a given subject until the previous casting’s protection is gone.

Food of Life: Cost: 10 MP, 1D8+1 Sanity

The caster engages in cannibalism for several days, gaining one month of life span for every SIZ of flesh eaten.

Resurrection: Cost: 3 MP, 1D10 Sanity

Casting time: 1 or 2 rounds

Reduces a corpse to its “essential saltes and compounds,”–a bluish-grey powder, or reverses the process, returning the dead to life. A complete corpse is necessary. Being resurrected costs the target 1D20 Sanity points.

The remains do not need to be intact. As long as sufficient care is taken to scrape together all the fragments and dust, the spell succeeds. If only part of the ashy powder is available, the sorcerer gets “onlie the liveliest awfullness” from what’s made flesh.

Reciting the spell backwards requires an opposed POW roll for 2 rounds and costs 3 MP and 1D10 Sanity in order to return the target to dust.

If the target wins, the caster can no longer return them to dust.

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