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APOCTHULHU 80% off tomorrow

apocthulhu cover

What happens after the stars are right? The opensource game APOCTHULHU is going on sale 10am tomorrow on DrivethruRPG and can be picked up for a pittance! At least two creatures in our upcoming Octobernomicon are stated out in the APOCTHULHU system. Get yours today!!

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Our ritual metastasizes

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A hearty thanks rolls out to all who have submitted so far! We’re pleased to announce contributions from Dan Harms of The Cthulhu Mythos Encyclopedia,The Encyclopedia Cthullhiana, and more recently Balloonists, Alchemists, and Astrologers of the Nineteenth Century: The Tale of George and Margaret Graham, as well as by Oscar Rios of Golden Goblin Press. We still need many more submissions before October. We also, are well aware of that gnawing you’ve had in the back of your mind… of the itch of a thing living there.. whispering to you in your sleep.. and finally we know that you know what the best way to exorcise that fetid thing is..  Look at previous submissions here, you can use our official template here (Hit File then Make a copy when you view it). Email submissions to [email protected]. We await your madness.

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