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Fear and Loathing at Origins 2005

*Sound of an engine roaring* We were fifty miles outside of Barstow when the
drugs began to take hold… Continue reading »

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H.P. Lovecraft’s Birthday Party Gaming Con 2005

The Vancouver Gaming Guild presents H.P. Lovecraft’s Birthday Party on
September 3-5, 2005 at the super-comfy Marpole Curling Club (8730 Heather
Street, Vancouver, BC). Tickets will be $10 in advance or $15 at the door. There
will be lots of Cthulhu-themed games of every description, including Call of
Cthulhu, Mythos, Hills Rise Wild, Cults Across America, as well as HeroClix,
Spaceship Zero, Champions, a/state, Hârn, Adventure!, Living Greyhawk, and
lots more.
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