Fear and Loathing at Origins 2005

*Sound of an engine roaring* We were fifty miles outside of Barstow when the
drugs began to take hold…Origins was effing great, and I can’t say that enough. I showed up around
noon and got set up early as I was the only one with gama who brought a real
computer (translation: there where thousands of PC’s and only my mac).
After that, I wondered around aimlessly until the Gama Volunteer meeting.
Phobia suggested we sit in back, just like in highschool. So just like in
highschool, I took notes and drew pictures of naked women.

The Cthulhuthon was effing awesome. The players were great, and the GM’s
equally as so. I’ve been a closet fan of Bill Nichols for some time on various
mailing lists, but that man has flashes of goddamned genius. I only wish I
was the social butterfly Phobia was, so that I could post links to pics too. If
you where there, you’ll never forget the things you saw. It was trully great.

For an organization sharing a name with a deadly form of radiation, Gama
was top shelf. I did get a chance much to interact with Andrew Lockwood, as
I was Prize monkey I was dealing directly with Mark Santillo and Sean Fannon.
Those two guys are worth twice thier weight in gold, if for nothing more than
putting up with me during the con. I realize I often have the social graces of
a rabid wolverine with a raging PCP problem, but they continued to work with
me with out hesitation. The two of you are princes, and I can not thank you
enough. My experiences with them alone were enough to make me want to
come back and give up my time next year, providing the federal government
not bar my access to Columbus, but that’s another story involving weapons
grade nacho’s and a group of traveling nuns.

Rogue Cthulhu is a bright and shining star amoungst the heavens, and if
anyone says different, I’ve got nacho’s for them (see above). If you missed
Origins, or have never been, you simply MUST come if not to see the Rogue
Cthulhu room. These guys have turned running con games into a symphonic
masterpiece, whereas I am but a mere street preformer belting out Snoop
doggy dog songs on a old clay moonshine jar.

Special thanks goes out to our players, you guys REALLY kept me on my toes.
You guys are awesome, and the fact that you kept up with my thought
patterns makes me worry for all of humanity. Special thanks to Elisa who
restored my faith in women by both being beautiful and sitting down to
discuss proper and varing methodology in the obtaining of, processing and
preparing, and verification of authentic shrunken heads.

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