as the leaves die, memories stir

What horrors awaken as summer dies? This is the question I ask you once again oh dearest reader.. Once again I must announce to the world that OctoberNomicon has once again set upon us. Come ye and once again dump the poison metastasizing in your minds onto the screen and help us in our endeavor to remind the world WHY they fear the dark, WHY they avoid the shadows, WHY the forgotten is best left as such.. artists take the heed of Pickman before you, writers take your pen in hand like a prison shank… and show us what horrors you have inside you!

Submissions are open and can be mailed to [email protected], if you’re an artist contact us and we’ll hook you up with a list of abominations with descriptions for you to aim your artistic ichor at.

But what should written submissions look like? Well, you can look at previous submissions here, you can use our official template here (Hit File then Make a copy when you view it), or.. you can pick up a copy of Golden Goblin Press‘s Terror of the Octobernomicon. This recent release features submissions from previous years submissions and we’re rather proud to have helped bring these horrors to the world. Remember as always, when you volunteer to write for YOU retain all rights. You own your creations, we merely curate them for you.

Take flight! Write your horrors! Show the world what fetid abominations gnaw at your mind…

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