I saw it just beneath the surface. An anglerfish, big as an orca. Larger. The dead white eyes, set just above the mouth lined with sabre-like teeth, seemed to regard me. Then I saw them, men, a dozen of them, writhing against the monster. No, not against it. Part of it. They gaped and reached and struggled against this thing that was part of them. Each face distorted pain, jaws dislocated from screaming, eyes threatening to escape their sockets. I reeled back. But then…they were gone. Then there she was. Dead five years but as full of life as during our happy years. Before the cancer. Arms and legs open, begging for me to join her in the water.  

Alternative names: Sirens

A gigantic angler fish, with the bodies of dozens of human men fused to it at their waists.

Aihuqoth prowl in the coasts in search of potential mates. Each is female. Atop of their heads is a specialized, bulbous dorsal fin that projects a psychic wave, ensnaring male humans and deep ones. Convinced they are seeing their ultimate sexual desire or a lost love, the beguiled male rushes to the aihuqoth. The skin of the monster is sticky and absorbent, capturing the male upon touch. The aihuqoth’s flesh consumes the male, breaking down their genetic material over years to create more aihuqoth. 

The origins of the aihuqoth are disputed. Some arcane texts, such as the Cthaat Aquadingen state they are the product of strange Deep One science, though the reason for their creation has been lost to even their memory. Other places claim the aihuqoth birthed both Deep Ones and humans. Scholars are quick to point out this makes little sense, as the creatures require both species to reproduce. Whatever the reason for their creation, all scholars agree that the aihuqoths’ only purpose now is to reproduce.  

Cults exist along coastal communities dedicated to individual aihuqoth. These are all female cults, with human members directed by Deep One priestesses. Whether or not aihuqoth care for worship is not known, but they happily accept sacrifices. Deep Ones know spells to contact, summon, and bind the monsters. 

Lure: When a human or Deep One male sees an aihuqoth, they must make a Hard POW roll, to be captivated by the monster. They will move toward the creature unless stopped or somehow awakened from their stupor. They will respond to any attempts to stop them with violence. The aihuqoth will begin to absorb them the moment they touch bare flesh. The aihuqoth and victim will become one after three rounds. It is possible to rip a victim away before the process is complete, with a successful Hard STR roll. The victim will lose 2D4 hit points as their skin and muscle come away in the aihuqoth’s gummy mucous. Removing the victim after they have fused with the aihuqoth results in their death. 

Aihugoth, fishers of men

STR(6D6+10) x 5155
CON5D6 x 585
SIZ(10D6+10) x 5225
DEX3D6 x 550
INT3D6 x 550
POW3D6 x 550

Average Hit Points: 31

Average Damage Bonus: +4D6

Average Build: 5

Average Magic Points: 10

Move: 6


Attacks per round: 1 (bite or bite and swallow)

An aihuqoth attacks by biting opponents with its giant, spear-like teeth. 

Bite and Swallow (mnvr): On a successful bite attack, the aihuqoth may hold the victim in its teeth. The victim will be swallowed the next round unless they escape with an Extreme STR roll. Damage from being swallowed is instant death as the victim is consumed in the aihuqoth’s corrosive stomach fluids.

FightingBite and Swallow (mnvr)Dodge50% (25/10), damage 4D650% (25/10) damage 4D6 + devoured next round25% (12/5) 

Armor: 5 points of tightly muscle and thick scales. 

Spells: None. Sanity Loss: 2/1D8 to encounter an aihuqoth.

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