We felt eyes on us for miles. We’d turn only to catch a glimpse of something slinking behind a tree. Later, I felt a tug on my collar. My shirt ripped as I spun. The leg or arm of a giant insect was curled around the tree, torn fabric held in its claws. Then it slithered back behind the tree. We ran. 

Alternative names: Grabbers

A thin insect-like appendage, multi-segmented and terminating in claws, reaching out from behind a tree in the forest
Hidebehind by Brad Hicks

Loggers working a forest sense they are being watched and see a strange arm slink behind a tree. Two young men are playing soccer in the street one evening when they lose the ball. As one goes to retrieve it, an arm reaches from behind a lamp post to grab at him. These are examples of encounters with the Hidebehind. Though often mistaken for a species of creature, it in fact one entity. This entity comprises an entire dimension abutting our own and several others, an astral maw. It extends an arm into our dimension to catch prey. Through some quirk of quantum physics, these intrusions cannot be within the view of the intended target. It must happen behind an object, no matter how thin, near the victim. An arm of the entity grabs the victim when they are close enough, pulling them into the astral maw to be devoured.  

Hidebehind, pieces of the whole 

STR5D6 x 590
CON3D6 x 555
SIZ2D6 x 535
DEX4D6 x 570
INT3D6 x 555
POW3D6 x 555

Average Hit Points: 9

Average Damage Bonus: +1D6

Average Build: 1

Average Magic Points: 11

Move: 0

(Above stats represent an arm of the entity) 


Attacks per round: 1 (claws or grab)

The Hidebehind swipes with its claws or grabs an opponent to pull into its home dimension. Though the arm may protect itself from harm, it most often retreats. If the entity is angered, it may generate other arms in the area to attack threats. It may also eviscerate a victim and scoop up the spilled offal to take home. 

Grab: the Hidebehind grabs a victim. On its next turn, it will pull the victim into the astral maw. Death is instant. The victim may attempt to escape with a successful STR vs STR roll, or if the arm is destroyed.  

ClawsGrabDodge45% (22/9), damage 1D4 + damage bonus. 50% (25/10), victim held, death next round25% (12/5)

Armor: None.

Spells: None. 

Sanity Loss: 1/1D4 to encounter a Hidebehind.   

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