Master Rirhi first appeared to bear witness and give testimony to the initiates in 1893. When he next imparted his wisdom to the initiates, this time in 1921, he appeared as he had decades before. No new line or spot marred his face. His alabaster hair had lost none of its lusters. Same for his eyes, brilliant azure, reflecting the infinite depths of his wisdom. The intervening years had not conspired to stoop him, no arthritis had entered his bones. His bearing was as regal and imperious as ever. The older initiates declared this was indeed a sign that his wisdom had lifted him up into divinity. From The All-Pervasive Teachings of Master Rirhi Unveiled, by Col. Raymond R. Cook (published 1930)

Alternative names: Ascended Masters, Chrononauts, Exalted Patrons, Secret Chiefs

A man wearing loose, shimmering robes. Only his head and hands are exposed. He has aquiline features, pale eyes, and long white hair. Over his shoulder floats a metallic orb, about the size of a baseball.
The Illuminated by Brad Hicks

The Illuminated provide contradictory information about their origin. Some claim they come from a lost civilization in earth’s distant past. Atlantis and Lemuria are the most common points of origin. Others will say they come from Coranunium, the last redoubt of humanity in the far-flung future. Whatever the case may be, the Illuminated possess an understanding of the sciences and magic far superior to our own, along with detailed knowledge of human history.

Illuminated are most often encountered observing mythos events of great importance. Sometimes these events will seem innocuous or trivial, their importance only signified by the nearby presence of an Illuminated. They watch from a distance, rarely interfering. When they do interfere, it is to give portents and advice to those fighting the machinations of mythos forces. Investigators may come to believe they’ve found a powerful patron, only for the advice to lead to disaster, or that attempting to change predicted events causes those events to occur. 

Many Illuminated have formed cults around themselves since the 19th century. Their purposes are known only to the Illuminated.

Each Illuminated is accompanied by a metallic orb the size of a baseball. These orbs float just a few inches over one of their shoulders and never leave the side of the Illuminated. The orbs can translate any language and provides protection for the Illuminated. The beings appear to have telepathic control of the orbs. 

Illuminated, mysterious monitors

STR(3D6+3) x 570
CON(2D6+6) x 565
SIZ(2D6+10) x 585
DEX(3D6+3) x 570
INT(3D6+6) x 580
POW(3D6+10) x 5100

Average Hit Points: 15

Average Damage Bonus: +1D6

Average Build: 2

Average Magic Points: 20

Move: 7


Attacks per round: 1 (unarmed or weapon)

Illuminated have the usual range of unarmed attacks open to humanoids. They may also use all weapons known to humans. Illuminated have also access to advanced, strange weaponry. However, they do not typically take direct action in combat. Instead, they rely on their metallic orb companions for protection. 

Fighting45% (22/8), damage 1D6 or by weapon type. 
Dodge35% (17/7)


Cthulhu Mythos 50%, History: 99%

Armor: None. Most human weapons do not affect them. Attacks are absorbed by a shimmering force field that seems to surround them. This force field is only visible when an Illuminated is attacked. However, alien weapons such as those used by the Mi-Go and Yithians will harm the Illuminated.  

Spells: Each Illuminated knows at least 1D6 spells, plus Time Gate. They can cast Time Gate automatically. 

Sanity Loss: 1/1D2 to encounter an Illuminated.

Companion Orb


Hit Points: 5

Damage Bonus: N/A

Build: -2

Magic Points: 0

Move: 8


Attacks per round: 1 (Light Ray)

The Companion Orb fights by firing a beam of light at anyone that threatens the Illuminated or on the Illuminated’s command. 

Fighting80% (40/16), damage 2D10 + target set aflame, reduced to ashes in minutes. Target may make a Hard CON roll for half damage and avoid being set on fire 
Dodge80% (40/16)



Armor: None. When the orb is destroyed, it will vanish is a small but brilliant flash. The Illuminated will flee on its next round via a Time Gate. 

Spells: None. 

Sanity Loss: None.

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