Nahab, the Undying, the Unending

“For almost one hundred years, the residents of the French Hill Neighborhood have seen a terrifying figure wandering through the streets and sometimes even their homes. An evil, ancient hag nursing a giant rat. Even as French Hill becomes a trendy, gentrified, upscaled neighborhood, the old superstitions remain. Everyone knows the name Keziah Mason. And everyone knows not to anger her. …– Marion Elwood, The Ghosts of Old Arkham.

An old woman, naked from the waist up. She clutches a giant rat to her breast, nursing it. From under her long, ragged skirt peek the feet of a rat. Her face is sunken, eyes staring but lifeless. Her mouth hangs in a scowl. Long white hair falls about her shoulder. Around her are faint, shadowy images of herself, surrounding her.
Nahab (Keziah Mason) by Brad Hicks

Alternative names: Keziah Mason, the Witch of Arkham, the Ghost of French Hill. 

As old Keziah Mason lay dying after being strangled by Walter Gilman, her body slipped into the black void surrounding her sanctuary. As she fell through the fractures in space and time, she too became fractured. Split again and again to infinity. Each one not quite physical but not quite incorporeal, yet whole and complete. All sharing a singular mind. Keziah Mason had died. In her place was Nahab, an endless multitude. 

Habitat: One Nahab is most often encountered wandering through the French Hill neighborhood of Arkham, near where the Witch House once stood. They are often mistaken for a ghost. They have become an urban legend in the area. Crime, misfortune, mysterious deaths, and disappearances are often attributed to them. Residents leave trinkets on a gnarled, bent tree as offerings to appease them. 

Another is also sometimes encountered in the dark ravine near Meadow Hill. Nahab may also be found by those trying to travel between worlds. 

Distribution: Nahab may appear anywhere they wish. 

Life and Habits: Nahab lead innumerable witch cults around the globe. They are venerated as a human whose knowledge and piety granted them godhood. They teach followers spells. They may also grant them rat-things familiars, which Nahab constantly births. 

Nahab, mother of rats


Hit Points: 15

Damage Bonus: +1D4

Build: 1

Magic Points: 25

Move: 6


Attacks per round: 1 (claws or by weapon).

In combat, Nahab can rake and pierce with nasty, mold-covered rat-like claws that have grown on her hands or with a wicked ceremonial dagger. She will also wield horrifying spells against opponents. 

Fighting80% (40/18), damage 1D4 + damage bonus or by dagger, 1D6 + damage bonus
Dodge26% (13/5)

Armor: None but due to Nahab’s now supernatural physiology, attacks only do half damage. If she is killed, she simply dissipates like mist. But there are other Nahabs to take her place. 

Spells: Innumerable spells and rituals, such as Contact Nyarlathotep (The Black Man), Create Gate, Contact/Summon Rat-Thing. Many spells she can cast without a simple thought. 

Sanity Loss: 1D4/1D10 to encounter Nahab.

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