NaNoWriMo 2022!

Hello Fellow S.N writers!

Not the official people, but sure, them too! Specifically, all you folks who love Lovecraft but also enjoy writing!

Tomorrow kicks off NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month). This is the magical time of year where we try to write an entire novel in only a month! That’s pretty intense sounding but, in practice, it’s a blast.

That being said, we here at Shoggoth wanted to invite you to travel this weird journey with us. We made a calendar (later in this same post) and we’re going to be checking in with you once per week. We want to hear what you’re writing, how the NaNo is treating you, and words of encouragement. We don’t expect all of us to make it to that mythical 50k this month, but who cares? We just want to support you as horror leaps from your fingertips.

To that effort, go ahead and friend me on My username is Spazenport. I won’t be doing my usual horror writings this month, but I most certainly will be supporting your writing, no matter what genre it falls into.

Get ready, get set, and let’s go!

Expect weekly check-ins on Saturday of each week and on the last day of the month in the form of a blog post.

Good luck!

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