Eye Drinkers

Darrell clutched his face, blood from his now empty socket gushing between his fingers. The now detached eyeball was impaled on the creature’s long, multi-segmented finger. It brought the eye to its beak and delicately plucking it away. Darrell thought he could see a shiver of ecstasy run through the monster’s feathers as it swallowed his eye. Then it took a step toward him. “What would you have me tell you?” it said in his voice. 

Tall, sickly slender humanoids, with crow-like heads. Their bodies and heads are covered in uneven, sparse feathers. Their arms are lined with larger feathers, forming rough wings. On each hang is a long, multi-knuckled index finger, with sharp claw on the end.

Alternative names: Crowkind, Eaters of Memories, Yagosote 

So called due to their propensity to consume eyeballs, the Eye Drinkers collect knowledge for some inscrutable purpose. It is believed that by eating eyes, Crowkind gain all the knowledge and memories of the owner. Eye Drinkers may also take on some of the personality traits of the eye’s owner and speak in their voice. 

Those seeking greater insights into the arcane mysteries of the universe may summon Eye Drinkers to impart their great wisdom. Calling the Eye Drinkers can be a risky affair. They demand a sacrifice of eyes, of course. Fresh eyes, living eyes, still in their sockets, are preferred. The capricious monsters may not be satisfied with the offered sacrifices and leave the summoner blinded at the end of their encounter. 

The milk-white eyeballs of the Yagosote themselves are highly sought after by sorcerers. They are required as components in powerful spells. Swallowing their eyes supposedly imparts all of the monster’s knowledge, though it is believed no human mind could survive processing such information.  

Eldritch texts claim that the Eye Drinkers keep a library of all their amassed knowledge on the comet Caekiscatath, wandering the Star Queen Nebula. Another repository, or perhaps a gateway to Caekiscatath, is said to exist in a temple on the Ornosti Plateau in the East Siberian Mountains. 

Eye Drinkers, horrid collectors

STR2D6 x 535
CON2D6 x 535
SIZ(3D6+6) x 580
DEX(3D6+3) x 565
INT4D6 x 570
POW5D6 x 585

Average Hit Points: 13

Average Damage Bonus: 0

Average Build: 0

Average Magic Points: 17

Move: 7/7 flying


Attacks per round: 1 (claws, pluck)

In addition to their terrible claws and pluck attack, Eye Drinkers have the usual array of unarmed attacks open to humanoids and may use a variety of hand-held weapons. 

Pluck: on a successful attack, the Eye Drinker removes the eye of an opponent, a claw scooping the eyeball from its socket. The victim loses 1D4 CON and permanently loses vision in that eye. If the Eye Drinker devours the eye, they will gain all the memories and knowledge of the victim. 

Fighting45% (22/8), damage 1D6 + damage bonus
PluckDodge45% (22/8), damage 1D4 + 1D4 CON + special.32% (16/6) 

Armor: None

Spells: Numerous, as the Keeper sees fit. Sanity Loss: 1/1D6 to encounter an eye drinker.

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