Slug Horrors

More of the creatures emerged from the piles of brown, reeking refuse at the foot of the yawning god. Things that were once men, but their bodies stretched, distended to hardly look human anymore. Their limbs were thin things, dragging useless as they crawled. Atop their heads they wore the skulls of their old bodies, eye-stalks emerging through the sockets. 

Alternative names: Feces of Lhuaggoglug, Servants of the Slug, Guides of the Labyrinth, Mar-iggu

A humanoid over all shape, the body long and round, the lower half touching the ground, holding the creature up. It has thin arms and legs, the legs useless and dragging on the ground. Its head is a human skull. Fleshy eye-stocks emerge from the sockets amd extend high above the head.

The Slug Horrors are the servants of Lhauggoglug, born of the arrogant, foolish sorcerers that seek out the Great Old One. Lhauggoglug devours the sorcerers lured to its temple-prison and days later shits them out, transformed into the hideous creatures. They are the god’s attendants, cleaning it as it lies on a throne of its own waste, too bloated to move. The slug horrors are the only beings that know the true path through the prison-temple. They pretend to be guides to sorcerers that find their way to Lost Aarh-phan, leading the dupes to the god’s awaiting mouth. Cults and sorcerers trying to win the great old one’s favor or that have drawn its attention are often “blessed” with a slug horror. These slug horrors will accept sacrifices on behalf of Lhauggoglug and instruct the cultists in new magics. They tantalize sorcerers with the promise of more power, eventually leading the sorcerer to their doom in the hungry god’s belly.  

Slime: Slug Horrors are covered in a thick, viscous mucous. The slime is corrosive to organic matter, causing 1D4 Hit Points of damage to anyone that touches a slug horror without protection.  

Slug Horrors, once wizards

STR(2D6+4) x 555
CON(2D6+4) x 555
SIZ(2D6+6) x 565
DEX2D6 x 535
INT(3D6+3) x 565
POW(5D6+6) x 5115

Average Hit Points: 12

Average Damage Bonus: 0

Average Build: 0

Average Magic Points: 23

Move: 6


Attacks per round: 1 (bite, spit)

Bite: on a successful attack, the hundreds of buzzsaw-like teeth latch on to the opponent and starts drawing them into the slug horror’s mouth. The opponent loses 1D6 Hit Points the first round and an additional 1D6 for each round the slug horror remains attached. An opponent may escape if they make a successful contested STR roll. The slug horror may not make any other attacks while it latched to a victim. 

Spit: the slug horror lobs a spout of caustic goo at an opponent. On a successful spit attack, the victim loses 1D4 Hit Points as the slime seeps through clothing and burns their skin. If struck by a spit attack, the victim must make a Luck roll. Failure indicates the slime has struck them in their face and is blocking their airways. The victim must make a Hard CON roll each round or lose 1D4 Hit Points until the slime is cleared. Water does not dilute it. 

Bite45% (22/8), damage 1D6 + damage bonus + special
SpitDodge45% (22/8), damage 1D4 + special.17% (8/3) 
SkillsDeception 60%

Armor: None, but due to the arcane nature of the creatures, non-magical weapons do only minimum damage.

Spells: A multitude; the Keeper may use any they deem appropriate for the monsters.Sanity Loss: 1/1D8 to encounter a slug horror

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