Alternative names: Hungry Mouths, Silent Assassins, Haq’yiq

It ate him! The ground ate him! It opened up right under him and he fell in! I can still hear him! Help! Somebody please help us!

image is of a fair skinned man falling into a bottomless hole
Nothingness by DOTURNAL

The nothingness are alien predators that exist in a realm alongside the physical three-dimensional space where humans exist. When hunting, a nothingness peers into our world. Once suitable prey has been found, the nothingness extends its mouth into our three-dimensional space, and swallows the victim whole. To anyone witnessing this, it will look like a black hole suddenly appeared beneath the victim’s feet and disappearing just as quickly. The victim’s screams can be heard emanating from the ground for days, becoming more and more faint as if they are falling.  

Most nothingness cannot swallow anything much bigger than a human. However, there are references to a nothingness big enough to devour a whale in the Necronomicon

There exist spells that can draw a nothingness to a particular person. 

Breach: the nothingness spends 1 Magic Point to extend its mouth into our realm. The mouth opens for only 1 second and can swallow anything smaller than or equal to the nothingness’ SIZ (the SIZ indicates the size of the mouth, not the entire creature). The victim will be digested over the next 1D4+1 days. 

Nothingness, living singularities

SIZ(4D6+6) x 5100
DEX2D6 x 535
POW(6D6+12) x 5165

Average Hit Points: n/a

Average Damage Bonus: n/a

Average Build: 0

Average Magic Points: 33

Move: 6


Attacks per round: 1 (Breach)

In combat, a nothingness will use its Breach special ability to attack opponents. It has no other means of attacking or defending itself. 



Armor: None, but due physical attacks do not harm a nothingness. A nothingness has no hit points. Any attack that damages a nothingness drains an equivalent number of Magic Points from the entity. At zero Hit Points, a nothingness disintegrates. 

Spells: NoneSanity Loss: 1/1D6 to encounter a nothingness.

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