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When the package containing my latest order finally arrived in the mailbox I immediately ripped open the box to find a green plush likeness of our favorite Great Old One, The Mighty Cthulhu himself (only smaller).

Small Plush CthulhuThis green plush toy resembles Cthulhu; a member of an ancient alien race created in the mind of H. P. Lovecraft
and first fully described by Lovecraft in the short story “The Call of Cthulhu.” Complete with wings and tentacles the Plush Cthulhu is true to Lovecraft’s description. Fortunately for fans and collectors alike this version of Cthulhu does not cause the same fear and insanity that he did in the story. The Plush Cthulhu is a finely crafted stuffed toy made from high quality materials. His “skin” consists of several different shades of soft green material, his wings contain wire to keep their shape and his detailed eyes seem to stare right through you. All of the toy’s stitches are strong and sturdy so he is sure to provide years of mind-bending fun. The toy is crafted into a sitting position and easily keeps his balance sitting high on a shelf in my kitchen, overlooking all.

Toy Vault Inc. the creator of the Plush Cthulhu is a company that produces collectible toys of all sorts. They

recently revealed the newest product in the Plush Cthulhu line, Gothic Cthulhu.

Gothic Plush Cthulhu
I recently had a chance to discuss the Plush Cthulhu toys with Tony Smith, The Operations Manager of Toy Vault


Phobia at Shoggoth Network (SN): Who came up with the original idea for the Plush Cthulhu and what was the

creator’s actual inspiration for this sanity-draining monstrosity?

Tony Smith at Toy Vault Inc. (TS): Originally we were approached by a fan who thought it would be a great

idea, we then started to hear stories about people who were actually making their own plush Cthulhu. At that point,

our Creative Director Jon Huston, went with the idea and took a shot at the line. We hired Ron Spencer to design

the creature from his point view based on the descriptions in Lovecraft’s books. So here we are today with large,

medium, and small versions of the original plush and new variations like Santa Cthulhu and Gothic Cthulhu.

SN: I have read that the 9″ Plush Cthulhu were handmade, is this true and are the new Gothic Plush Cthulhu

also handmade?

TS: They’re all handmade by a Korean factory.

SN: Aside from the obvious “sits on my computer monitor position” what are some of your favorite uses for

the Plush Cthulhu?

TS: We’ve seen tons of uses for our Plush Cthulhus – my favorites include: riding on the dashboards of

cars, hanging out of backpacks/briefcases, and my all time favorite – the nice lady who pushes hers around in it’s

very own stroller.

SN: What sort of feedback have you received from fans about the Plush Cthulhu products?

TS: The response has been unbelievable! It started out as a shot in the dark, but the line has proven to

be our best seller. It’s nearly impossible to keep the little monsters in stock.

SN: Can you tell us of any future plans to create other creatures of the Mythos such as a Plush Byakhee, a

Plush Deep-One or even a Plush Shoggoth?

TS: We’re currently working on a plush Nyarlathotep and we’re always open for suggestions. If anyone

wants to make a suggestion, please feel free to drop us a line at [email protected].

You can view and order all of the Plush Cthulhu products online at:

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